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24 years old
5' 4" (162 cm) tall
Plenty of Me to Love
Dark Brown Hair
Blue Eyes
Never Married
Occupation: Social Services/Mental Health
High School diploma
0 Children/ 0 at home
Mission: Every member a missionary
Seldom Attends Church

Greeting from KellyVan:

Hi, guys! I'm moving to North Pole, AK in May of '14 and wanted to change my location now to get a feel for things. So here we go. :)

To start off, these are a few traits I consider myself to hold: humorous, artistic, open minded, accepting, good cook (at least i think so :D), intuitive, strong minded (but not forcefully opinionated), laid back. Patient. Definitely patient, and very understanding.

I'm not exactly a super model, in fact I'm not really even close, but I'm comfortable with myself. I often notice that guys on here will say something to the effect of "I'm an athletic guy" or "I like to stay fit and active" closely followed by something like, "I'm looking for a girl who likes to stay active as well," etc, etc. I'm saying now, just because I certainly don't have an athletic and toned body doesn't mean I don't like to stay active. One of my favorite things in this whole world is to run. It makes me feel good. You know, endorphins and all. :)

I like to socialize and have fun. People often say I'm the funniest person they know, but I don't see why. I'm just me. Perhaps I simply lack a different perspective. I don't know.

If I could go anywhere and do anything, I'd go everywhere and do everything. If I had to choose, I'd take brownies over celery (unless that celery includes peanut butter), steak over chicken, fish over steak, skydiving WAY over boating, and a pair of jeans with a t-shirt over a dress. Although I do enjoy the alternatives from time to time.

I have such a strong testimony of the gospel, and know that I wouldn't be where I am today without it. My life would never have been able to progress in such a magnificent way. I could never deny the power that the Priesthood brings. I know that Christ is there watching out for me at every moment, even though, a lot lately, I don't feel like I deserve to have such devout protection.

Also, I'm not huge on "trophies" hanging in my living space. Ew. So this being said, I GENREALLY don't go for the hunter type. But it's certainly not a deal breaker.

...I like fishing. And golf.



When it comes to my space it's neat
Favorite holiday: Halloween

My favorite service project was/is
Any service project. They always turn out funner and more rewarding than anything else you could have done. I LOVE service projects.
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Cartoons, Comedy, Documentary, Educational, Game Shows, News, Shopping, Other

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