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71 years old
5' 10" (177 cm) tall
Brown Hair
Blue Eyes
Occupation: Consulting
Graduate Work/Degree
6 Children/ 0 at home
Mission: France
Regularly Attends Church
Endowed, Temple Recommend, Temple Worthy

Greeting from KeithAlan:

I see life as an amazing be lived beautifully with passion and romance. I'm looking for one special woman to build our own exciting world together. I'm a totally right-brained, romantic, fun fellow. But people say I'm also fairly bright and studious. I need to communicate with my sweetheart, be able to share soul-to-soul, become intimate, trusting friends.

PUL-EEZ don’t pass me by merely because of my birth certificate! I'm an Eternal Being! When new friends first meet me, they believe I entered mortality at least a decade or so later than my parents claim. I work actively to keep myself in excellent condition physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally. I exercise vigorously, eat right, take good care of my body, mind and spirit. I've learned to be patient, understanding and non-judgmental. I would love to find a woman with similar values.

I definitely don't look, think or act "my age"! And yet… perhaps there's a benefit to stable maturity, a bit of wisdom, strength and accountability gained from life's experiences. Helps me to find more creative and romantic ways to enjoy life and have more FUN!

I continue to strive to BE the right man, as well as to FIND the right woman. I'm prepared to give everything I have to a relationship...but FRIENDS FIRST! Let's have fun getting to know each other.

Mission to France and Belgium; MBA from BYU; ran my own commercial real estate firm in the Washington, DC, area; spent 12 years with Stephen Covey and FranklinCovey as a consultant. Operated my own consulting practice since 2002. Have traveled widely, teach financial workshops and seminars to employees of large corporations. Also have a stimulating financial advisory practice, blessing the lives of many people.

If you’re seeking a fellow whose commitment and loyalty you could depend upon 100%; who’s definitely not perfect but will be quick to admit error, accept responsibility for his own behavior, apologize for his mistakes and learn from them; who loves the Lord and His Gospel and who is faithful to his temple covenants; who wants to become his wife’s most intimate friend, closest confidante, equal partner in life, exciting playmate, supportive companion, and passionate lover…then I hope you’ll check me out carefully and allow me to get to know you.

My life is rich and full; I look forward to ongoing opportunities for contributions, growth and enjoyment. But I know that my greatest joy will come when I discover the right partner to love, to grow together with as one, a “paired unity,” to build together our next level of incredible happiness.

Can’t remember life without loving the gospel of Jesus Christ. I need my sweetheart to share faith as well as romance. Love travel (been to every state, over 30 foreign countries), music, art, theater, good movies, museums, t-weight:bold;")books, literature… play (at) the piano and guitar, enjoy dancing, especially with the right girl!

If any of this appeals to you, I’d love to hear from you…and if you receive a note from me, it means there’s something special I find about you and that I would be enormously grateful to get to know you!


When it comes to my space I need to work on it
My favorite pet is a dog

A brave thing that I have done is
Do and say the right thing when it's very unpopular.
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Aerobics, Running/Jogging

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