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27 years old
5' 8" (172 cm) tall
Light Brown Hair
Blue Eyes
Never Married
Occupation: Social Services/Mental Health
Graduate Work/Degree
0 Children/ 0 at home
Mission: USA-Texas
Regularly Attends Church
Endowed, Temple Recommend, Temple Worthy

Greeting from JRon87:


Since you are on this site too, it looks like you are brave also! How about going a step further and getting to know me?

If you took the time to talk with me, you would soon realize that I center my life around the Jesus Christ. His Gospel has brightened my life in so many ways. My relationship with my Father in Heaven and the Savior have been driving forces for the choices I have made and struggles I have overcome, which include active service in Christ's church, serving a mission, how I have dealt with losing someone dear to me, achieving a bachelors degree, and recently getting halfway through a masters degree that I never knew I could even attempt. There are so many more blessings I have received and continue to receive, and I owe it all to my Father in Heaven!

Since my Father in Heaven and His plan are number one in my life, number 2 is family. I love my family! Coming from a family of 6 kids has been such a joy. So many lessons have been learned through the years from my older and younger siblings. They each have impacted my life for the best. I look forward to the day to have my own eternal family! Families are so difficult to maintain and build, but the blessings from them are so desirable and out weigh it all!

My family was an active one, so growing up I grew to love soccer, camping, hiking, and other fun outdoor activities! Some of my favorite memories have to do with vacationing in Mammoth, CA, just before school started each year! Sometimes, if we were lucky, we were able to miss the first couple of days of school because of our traditional vacation! :D

Being outdoors was always a blast, but relaxing inside was just as fun growing up. Thanksgiving and Christmas at my grandmas was so memorable! I loved telling Christmas stories, acting out the nativity scene, and dancing around the tree. My favorite part was the gifts of course when I was young, but I can still remember the smell of the amazing food that was cooked on the table; mashed potatoes, corn, gravy, turkey, ham, etc. I cannot forget the sparkling cider!!

Now that I am older and those younger years have past, I look forward to the time that I can start my own family. Being sealed in the Temple is a must. I cannot wait to have our own traditions, laughter, and trials that help us grow closer as a family. Along the way, we will move closer to our Father in Heaven as a family, and build our house on the solid foundation of the Savior, Jesus Christ.

Communication is a strength of mine. It needs to be for me in order to continue to excel in the profession I have chosen. I have been know to talk and listen for hours with someone I connect with. I enjoy coming to understand another, and talking with them. That quality is something I value, and I hope you value good communication too!

Okay, so I have more to say, but maybe we should have a conversation? This greeting sounds too one sided for my taste! ;) I hope to hear from you soon!

*I fly to Utah once a month, wouldn't rule out long distance*


Favorite junk food: ice cream
When asked about reading I said When I can, I enjoy it

My dream car is
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