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19 years old
5' 9" (175 cm) tall
Black Hair
Dark Brown Eyes
Never Married
Occupation: Student
Some college
0 Children/ 0 at home
Mission: Haven't served
Occasionally Attends Church
Temple Worthy

Greeting from JMJDrummer:

Hi, I will tell you about my myself along with my interests and talents. I'm known to be very enthusiastic and compassionate. My friends and family say I have a good heart and will change the world someday. I enjoy sports when I have time for them. When I do something usually I am competitive because its something exciting. When things get low for me I usually like to pray after I have made a song about my feelings. I would sing to myself or someone what my heart is telling me. The Holy Spirit speaks to me In unique ways rather than just a voice. It's through a sensation in my body that makes me feel safe, warm , and pure. Most of my dreams have been answers to my future yet I am not sure what they are until the event takes place. Once I wake up Its usually merely remembered. I often like to Stand outside and imagine myself in my mind. My mind being my personal world where everything is perfect. I do have quite an imagination :).

I enjoy writing about action/adventures. I do enjoy a lot of poetic writing that has to do with romance or about the Holy Spirit. To tell a story about it. My 4Th grade teacher was amazed that I wrote the entire lord of the rings trilogy by myself. I wrote even what the orcs said. Then in the 10Th grade I impressed my English teacher with a project that I completed on a professional level. I was competitive and wanted to be original with most outstanding work to present. I wrote a Poetry book with all genres of poetry. I was then told I have a talent and should use it to my full potential. I decided to write lyrics for my music.

I also have a tremendous talent for playing drums. I started playing percussion in the 7Th grade. Been playing it for about 7 years now. Along with drum set for an estimate of 4 years since around Thanksgiving 2009. My skills are extreme yet I hold back a lot. All of my friends, family and band director all have told me I am talented and even though they've seen my bad days they remember the majority of the time I would show dedication and hard work. I have a chance to go far.'( I have You Tube videos by the way and my account name is JMJ productions). My future plans for drumming is to write drum cadences for drum corps, write a few rock, jazz, funk, Latin, and hip-hop albums with my own unique style In drumming. I plan to write a book on kit on drum techniques and styles. I also wish to write a snare exercise book with volumes 1 - 13. Quite a time

consuming task but it will be done someday. :)

I also enjoy making music. Whether its production, performance, or composition I love it. I merge sounds together to create music from the heart and nature of the world. Mainly how I feel and what many people enjoy hearing in music. My goals are to have my music speak to everyone in a Christian way. I plan on sending spiritual messages through my music and lyrics. Rapping and singing will also be included. I also would like to design my own musical instrument for drums and to create my own software. If I ever get a chance to learn more about science and technology I would also want to start ( I apologize but for further information onto what I wish to do please email or message me ) thank you.

Now a little about my family. First I would like to say that I am adopted. My sister and I both were adopted. My family is very silly and traditional. My mother & father work together with the businesses they have in my hometown and in the current town I am living in. My brother helps work with my dad and lives with me in the house my parents help provide. My sister is still in high school and in the band and unsure what she wants to do with herself. Now about my birth parents. Well, my mother told me that my birth mother liked cartoons and dancing. My birth mother told my mother that she wanted me to be LDS and to obey her even if she isn't my birth mom. My grandfather on my birth fathers side I think is a professor at a college somewhere and is connected to Hollywood somehow. My birth father sings in Dallas, TX and Plays the Guitar. I love them already and I haven't even lived with them. Even though it doesn't matter because they are in my heart always and have been since the beginning. :) I am only a freshman here at the university of Arkansas at Monticello. I haven't even meet my birth family. I plan on going to visit very soon. My little sisters and little brother are waiting for me. :)

Bless all of you and hope everyone has a holy day.

Email or smile if you want to get to know me a little more :P.

Cartoons, Comedy, Documentary, Educational, Game Shows, News, Reality, Religious/Spiritual, Other

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