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47 years old
5' 4" (162 cm) tall
Dark Brown Hair
Blue Eyes
Occupation: Healthcare
Some college
6 Children/ 3 at home
Mission: Plan to with my future spouse
Regularly Attends Church
Endowed, Temple Recommend, Temple Worthy

Greeting from Getin2me:

My grandparents had a special kind of love and they were so cute together. Kissing and making out in the kitchen, serving each other, going to the temple together and doing little things for each other to make the other one happy. Always talking about how great the other one was. They would watch football together or old movies or work or play, talk and laugh together often. I want a marriage like that! Where the romance never dies. Where we can be best friends and lovers. Serve and lift each other higher to become our best and greatest selves. I am looking for a man who wants the same dream and is willing to work for it with me. Who is kind and loving, forgiving and spiritual. Who seek to honorable and better than the day before. Who likes to learn new things and wants to grow old with me and enjoy our love and our children and grandchildren. I offer a wife who will do and be the same.

I love to pamper and be pampered, back rubs and hot tubs, lots of affection and romance. I love kisses and rainbows, dew drops and hugs, smiles and sunshine, deep conversations by moonlight, starlight gazing while we wonder and dream. I love to be held tight in strong warm arms. Protected and kept safe. I am easy going and flexible. I don't hold grudges and I'm quick to forgive. I don't fuss about too much and I like a man who is tall and responsible. Who knows how to treat a lady and who can give her lots of love and affection. I love to touch and cuddle and believe your marriage should be full of loyalty devotion and faithfulness. That you should respect and cherish one another. That you should be best friends and play, laugh and love together often. That you should never stop dreaming and being adventurous. I love to travel and see new places. To laugh and have fun and enjoy the journey. I love my family and my children. I have the best kids in the world. They are so good and amazing! They have been raised well. All of them are doing great things and they inspire me. I still believe in the dream of an eternal family. If you are a dreamer like me and you desire a relationship that is real and intense then give me a try but WARNING:It could be wonderful!! Only the brave of heart need apply!

I love the Lord and I have a strong faith in him and I know the church is true. I love my savior and I have had many miracles and experiences in my life that have strengthened my faith and trust in God. The gospel and the church are central to my life. I try to live the best I can according to gospel principles. I love to go to the temple. I have felt blessed in my life and had sweet tender mercies extended to me. I have come to understand trials and the lessons they can teach us to help us grow. I have learned a deeper appreciation for the atonement and now, after the pain of divorce, I understand a little bit better God's agony and sorrow. it has drawn me closer to Him. I have held many wonderful callings that have stretched me and strengthened my faith. Currently I am a ward missionary. I love missionary work and sharing the gospel with others.

I like to sing, play the piano and have written music. Music touches me. I like to cook, try new things, be creative, sew, travel, be adventurous, be spontaneous, be active and have fun. I enjoy being a mom and motherhood. I like to attend the temple and do spiritual things. I like to dance, have fun and enjoy life. I like to play basketball, volleyball, and softball. I have lived in may places and traveled internationally. I love to understand and experience different people and cultures. Want to serve a mission with a special someone. Want to learn a second language. I love to learn and increase my knowledge and understanding. I am self taught and have read many books. Mostly historical, religious and political. I have a deep knowledge of the scriptures and have found many answers there. I have been to Israel and I love the Jewish culture and history as it applies to the gospel and helps my understanding.

I want to make home a heaven on earth and just be an angel in heavenly bliss while we are together. I feel I am capable of being a true friend and partner and sharing the burdens of life. To forgive and repent often. To say I'm sorry and try again. To make sure that the love never dies but continues forever. So My dear sweetheart wherever you are, let's start our adventure of fidelity and love for eternity and create a life of joy, hope and faith, surrounded by our posterity who will hopefully call us blessed and be an example of what heavenly love looks like forever without end.


Favorite junk food: ice cream
My friends would say I'm the romantic one

My dream car is
Being with a great man
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Aerobics, Cycling, Walking

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