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41 years old
5' 4" (162 cm) tall
Brown Hair
Hazel Eyes
Occupation: Healthcare
College graduate
1 Children/ 1 at home
Mission: Plan to with my future spouse
Regularly Attends Church
Temple Worthy

Greeting from FunEternalFamily:

Life is interesting! Never imagined I'd find myself here, excited and scared all mixed in together ;-)

I love how Heavenly Father's plan for us is ALWAYS better than the plan we have for ourselves.

Are you wondering why I'm not Temple Worthy? Well it's because I was blessed with finding the Church as an adult and was baptized on July 13th, confirmed on July 20. Today I am waiting for my first Church calling, wondering what the Lord has in store for me. It's a fun conversion story that I will share with you when the time works!

One thing I do know for sure is that the idea of an eternal temple marriage is a goal of mine. Once I started investigating the church I realized that there was no room for dating until I had taken the steps to receive confirmation. I am working toward receiving endowments at the present time.

Are you up for a glimpse of how I live?

I do my best to live by the KISS acronym (Keep It Simple Smarty).

I only want that which I need for me to do what the Lord asks of me. Now, this doesn't mean that I don't like nice things! I am somebody that prefers quality over quantity and I believe that I am worthy of the best. Therefore I do my best to keep my physical body and home residence clean and in working order for clear, peaceful living. (I am self employed with a home based business so career falls into the same category.)

My passions include spending time being active outdoors no matter what the season or temperature. During my college days I loved the Boston Marathon being in April because it gave me an excuse to tell people why I was running outdoors in the midst of blizzards and minus temperature. In addition, it also gave me a reason to stay away from the social drinking and lifestyle that wasn't within alignment with who I have always been. By the way, if you haven't gone for a run in the freshly fallen snow or in the pouring rain where you are splashing through puddles, I highly recommend it!

My nature loves structure at times and spontaneity on occasion..... I have found that as I make room for daily scripture reading, prayer, everyday missionary teachings with whomever I cross paths with, attending church weekly, nurturing my family with healthy meals, a clean home and a self respect for mental, physical and spiritual exercise I am able to stay balanced and fit for what life throws my way. This by no means is saying that you won't find my "buttons" to push!

My goal is to find somebody that chooses this lifestyle for themselves. A lifestyle where we are putting into ourselves wholesome, predominantly organic veggies, along with a little bit of fruit (natures candy) and protein whether it be plant or animal based. This is an area that I have highly researched, lived and choose to not sacrifice. Regular daily exercise falls into this category as well ;-)

I intend to find a partner that enjoys fun family home evenings, scripture reading, playful date nights such as walking around the island and sitting on the swinging bench overlooking the sea, and attending church. In my heart of hearts I know that we will raise each other to a level that is higher than we can if we stand alone. My partner and I will be equally yoked, value family first and have a joyful life together.

I have an amazing daughter; if you have a child(ren) and don't see your own child(ren) this way then I don't want anything to do with you. Sound harsh? Well you need to hold them in that light in order for them to be the light that you wish for!

On the parenting front, I feel that children are meant to be raised by both their mother and father. when possible Given my current co-parenting situation I have intentions to live where it means that I can parent my daughter without the added stress of hours of travel between us. I am all game for relocation when she's 18, despite living on the absolutely amazing coastline of Maine! If you are widowed I know that your first wife is helping you choose who's right for you at this phase.

Regular communication is important to me. I like eye to eye contact, the ability to shut off the ringer as much as possible. Given the fact that ~93% of communication is nonverbal I am the type of person that would want to meet you as soon as I felt there may be a "connection."

You will see in my interests, the types of things I enjoy doing for recreation and look forward to sharing a few of them with my future companion. I am not looking for a match in every area, we are evolving beings and I love my alone time too ;-)

If you like what you've read so far please reach out and expect that I will want to talk on the phone ASAP since the intonations in your voice will give me much more information than a typed message. Are you ready for a fabulous life of adventure?

Wishing you the best on your straight and narrow path!


The type of food I like the most is Mexican
Broken bones: 1

My favorite TV show is
I don't watch any tv
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Cooking, Painting, Public Performance

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