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35 years old
5' 4" (162 cm) tall
Dark Brown Hair
Brown Eyes
Occupation: Sales
Some college
4 Children/ 4 at home
Mission: Mini-mission
Regularly Attends Church
Endowed, Temple Recommend, Temple Worthy

Greeting from FitnFUN33:

I am a 34yr old Italian ( American born-Sicilian) and completely ladylike.

Only a true gentleman will recognize and appreciate a woman who will treat him like the man HE is.

The right man, he understands what it means to court a woman, not merely date her. If this is you than we are speaking the same language.

Speaking of languages, I enjoyed the book called...

"The Five Love Languages" and "Love and Respect"

I keep life lighthearted and LOVE to Laugh with others. I am quick on the whit and love to playful non sarcastic banter.

I LOVE music, it is always playing in my head, house and car.

Dancing, many styles and forms.

Salsa and Argentine Tango are my current passions.

Fitness instructor extraordinaire! Love being up, but love Yoga too!

Trust me, I know how to respect and treat a real man, I'm looking for an eternal companion and look forward to living life fully with tons of passion and FUN forever with him!

I am looking for a rock not a brick...if you understand what I mean by this, contact me. Like I said, I am thoroughly a lady, so I appreciate a man that is brave enough to make the first move, but I will send a sweet smile your direction batting my eyes at you ;0)

I have been refined through and entire life of soul deepening experiences life has required of me. The gospel brings me through the trials of this life with the tender mercies and miracles of Christ. I know who I am and am at peace with myself, and my purposes to fulfill. I want to serve missions and serve in the gospel with all my heart around the world.

I literally shine and glow from my soul with joy and happiness.

Honestly, I am a very active, attractive, busy mother of 4 of my own.

We are always playing and there is laughter in the house with fun in a clean and appropriate manner and exploring the world around us.

I am extremely dedicated to my family and loved ones.

We can only share our precious time with an upright, outstanding priesthood holder who takes his life and duties to family and to God with honor. We give 100 percent everyday, and will fill the holes you never knew you where missing in your heart.

My life is a gift and so are my children, I desire to change the world.

My children are a direct extension of me

We love deeply, care tenderly and share openly.

I speak and think clean, pure thoughts. I believe actions and deeds speak louder than words, with that said, I very much enjoy intellectual conversations, and gospel study together. Sharing spiritual experiences and using the gifts that have been placed and sought after in my life.

I am not into drama at is too short, RIGHT! hahaha

I am a lover not a fighter. I do speak up respectfully when needed, and will have those kind of conversations to keep communications and expectations clear.

My mind and body I consider to be a Ferrari.....well tuned, and I only put premium fuel in it.

I have worked hard and dedicated since I was an early teen to be who Christ expects me to be.

I am not looking for the perfect man, I am not the perfect woman, but I desire to be the best I can. I know I can never change anyone but myself so I am not looking to "train" anyone. You have to be the Man already. ;0)

I am SUPER fun and silly to be around, quick witted, upbeat and positive....Always!! Planned and spontaneous all in one!

I love to be thoughtful, I love to be thought of.

I am very driven and successful in my career in sales. I am a deep forward thinker and innovator by nature. I have lived all over the country and owned and run many businesses along the way. I have been blessed with many talents and gifts. I also excel with a forward thinking ever improving type of man. I want to be a mom first but life required me to work so I rock it everyday!

I am a ambivert....look it up! ;0)

I am exceptionally self-motivated in all aspects of my life, dedicated to the gospel and I live my life fully and with passion, drive and self mastery.

The things that stir my soul are learning, dancing, traveling, music, arts, fashion, smells, and tastes, volunteering, non-profits, exercising, teaching fitness classes, outdoors, spectating sports.Hiking,learning about the world and universe and my part in it, motivational public speaking, healthy cooking, entertaining, creative activities, giving, receiving, horses, museums, theater, operas, concerts, watching and occasional movie at home, languages, cultures, history, architecture, cars, guns, socializing and networking.

Life is full of ups and downs but I only have good days and great days!


I mostly watch/listen to conference any way I can
Favorite season: Fall

A brave thing that I have done is
Stood UP from what I had to, and my love and testimony has only flurished.
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Choir, Genealogy, Humanitarian Aid, Politics, Preparedness, Scouting, Service/Volunteer, Other

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