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35 years old
5' 4" (162 cm) tall
Dark Brown Hair
Brown Eyes
Occupation: Sales
Some college
4 Children/ 4 at home
Mission: Mini-mission
Regularly Attends Church
Endowed, Temple Recommend, Temple Worthy

Greeting from FitnFUN33:

About Me:

I keep life lighthearted and LOVE to Laugh with others, quick on the witt and charismatic. I am extreamly supportive of others and their ambitions. I know how to hold myself well in social gatherings mingling and networking with taste and allure. I live on a beautiful private golf course.

I have lived all accross the country and travel for pleasure and work often.

I have always worked since a child to stay in tune and close to God. I have never done drugs, consumed alcohol or smoked, or watched a rated R movie I love having a clear head and heart. Fitness, learning and love, those are my natural highs. I am extreamly ambitious, a Serial Entrepreneur! I enjoy dressing up to the nines and heading out for a nice evening, or being comfy cozy at home. Love travel, cultures, arts, fashion, hikeing, learning, horses, cars, bikes, music, dancing, healty gourmet cooking at home that I make, fine dinning, exercising, water fun spectating sports.

I am all about Mindset. Success is my duty times 10, and am a keeper of positivity and abundance in my life. I am a senior executive and can work from where every my cell, internet and laptop. I am not your usual needy, must find a husband to pay for mine and my kids lives. I do very well for myself am confindant and strong in my mission and purpose. Life has not turned out the way I expected 20 yrs ago, it is even better.

Change happens, it fuels my drive and tenacity to succeed.

I LOVE music, it is always playing in my head, house and car. Dancing, many styles and forms. Salsa and Argentine Tango, and belly dancing are my flavors. I am sexy, romantic and passionate. Fitness instructor extraordinaire! Love being pumped up, love meditation and Yoga too! Learning is a passion of mine with hands on experiences.

I know how to honor, respect and treat a real man. You guys are pretty easy to understand your needs and desires. I am transparent with my needs. No games, no drama. I love to volenteer and give in many ways. I am a very active volunteer and mother of 4 of my own with great adventures at every turn! My kids and I are always playing when I am not working, there is joy and laughter in the house, all while exploring the world around us. If you have kids, great, if not, mine are amazingly enjoyable. I am extremely loyal and dedicated to my family and loved ones.

About You:

I am a very interactive partner, that is a must from you.


Fun, light hearted, able to laugh and tease with me in a non-sarcastic way.

Loves to get involved and get down and play with the kids with me. Travels often and gets a kick out of learning new things, cultures and people.

A true gentleman.

Chivalry is not dead, I appreciate the classic gentlemen behaviors. Getting doors, chairs, jackets, ladies first. I am not saying I am needy in that way, but I respect a man who is a man, and I allow the classic roles to be in use. I am very much a lady and know I am beautiful inside and out.

Eating right and exerciseing body and mind are the ways to reach true contentment and peace and enlightenment.

You must love to work out and eat healthy. Self improvment and self development are regular occurance.

I will swat or pinch as you walk by or steal a kiss with "the look" biting my lower lip smilng up at you.

I appreciate a man that is brave enough to make the first move boldly. Is a worthy Priesthood holder and attends the Temple regularly.

Understands the differance between courting, not merely date her.

Allow me to treat you like the man you are. I know all men are tender at heart, want to be heard, and taken care of. To let you show up powerfully, be decisive, let you be the Man.

I do not change men. You are either that man or you are not.

Mindset is Everything! Abundance, Love and Success are your languages

I take very good care of myself and my children. I am not looking for a sugar daddy nor am I your sugar mama. I am looking for a rock not a brick...if you havn't shown up powerfully in your own life, than I do not need you showing up in mine.

You are kind hearted, sincere, emotionally avalible. Man of your word, have a positive outlook on life.

Remembers to do your promises, thoughtful, considerate of others, tactful, loves to spend time together supporting each-others hobbies and ambitions and goals. Can see that I have desires and needs and works to fulfill them as I do yours. Can connect well with others. Is able to hold self well in social environments. Helps the kids with their backyard forts or science projects, and the old lady accross the road, nice to animals.


When going somewhere I am usually on time
My friends would say I'm the brains of the operation

A brave thing that I have done is
Stood UP from what I had to, and my love and testimony has only flurished.
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Choir, Genealogy, Humanitarian Aid, Politics, Preparedness, Scouting, Service/Volunteer, Other

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