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46 years old
5' 7" (170 cm) tall
Red Hair
Blue Eyes
Occupation: Advertising/Marketing/PR
Some college
5 Children/ 4 at home
Mission: Every member a missionary
Regularly Attends Church
Endowed, Temple Recommend, Temple Worthy

Greeting from DivaOfTheWest:

Here is a some about me:

I just moved back to the Salt Lake valley after living in San Diego county for 12 years. I loved the small, rural community I lived in there- it'll take a bit to get used to living back here (I grew up here.)

I love to read. I read current fiction (David Baldacci, Dan Brown, Dick Francis) and classic fiction (C.S. Lewis, Aristotle, Shakespeare) and non-fiction of all kinds: self-help, religious, lds religious, (Malcolm Gladwell, Bill Bryson, Cleon Skousen, Ray Kursweil, etc). I love to learn about new authors and discuss books.

I enjoy mentoring. I prefer to mentor, where I interact with students- rather than "teach." I love to lead discussions. I've led classes on a variety of subjects, from early morning Seminary, Young women's, Constitutional Studies, fiction writing, Civil war, and emergency preparedness. I have volunteered for all of these. I typically have a class going all the time, but take a break during the summer, when I recharge, read and attend BYU Education Week.

I love to go to movies- especially action flicks, although I have been known to attend the midnight premiers of chick flicks with my girlfriends (!)

I enjoy eating out. I especially love Thai, sushi, new cuisine, and Italian, of course. I love to cook, especially bake. I try not to bake goodies too often, but kids love them, so invariably we make brownies and cookies on Sunday afternoons. I love to try new recipes that we have found in a magazine. My kids will all eat many kinds of food. If they don't like a food, it's from experience.

I realize that a relationship with a woman on this site usually means a relationship with her kids as well, so I'll tell you a little about them, in general.

I have four daughters, and one son. In order, 19-daughter (married) 17- daughter, 14-son, 12-daughter, and 10-daughter. We have a very fun household: we laugh A LOT, hug, dance and joke and music is a very big part of our lives. We have friends over, we have food, we turn the music up to clean house. We don't have a regular schedule except during the school year, when we try not to have a regular schedule! But we don't forget events, we support each other and give lots of love.

In other words, we are quite happy. But there is a void that I'd like to fill. I am looking for a best friend and companion. Romantically, I love space away from my kids: I love walks on the beach, drives to the mountains, even Saturdays running errands together and lunches on a Wednesday (or even a Monday and Tuesday!) I love to hold hands and talk about the boats in the Bay, lay in the grass on a blanket reading a book together- taking a nap after making cookies on Sunday. I also love going to gun shows, camping, looking at tools at Home Depot, and going to the local hot rod show on Friday evenings.


When it comes to my space it's clean
I am interested in a person who dresses casually

My favorite TV show is
Bones, 24, Sherlock, The Mentalist, Shark Tank, but it seems that they cancel my favorites! Ha ha!
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Camping, Fire Arms, Hiking, Horse Riding, Travel

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