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54 years old
5' 2" (157 cm) tall
Blonde Hair
Green Eyes
Occupation: Nursing
College graduate
0 Children/ 0 at home
Mission: Australia
Regularly Attends Church
Endowed, Temple Recommend, Temple Worthy

Greeting from Congeniality2:

I was born of goodly parents. We are fist generation LDS. They have been great examples of service, dedication, and so much more. They are still happily married. I am one of seven siblings. The first and last 2 were adopted. I have 4 brothers and 2 sisters. We are a close knit family.

I work for Sacred Heart. I love my job and the ability to care for another. My job has me forever learning about the the way God created things and drives home the importance of keeping the commandments. I am a staff and sometimes a charge nurse up on the cardiac telemetry medical wing. Some days its a little hospital inside a bigger one. Not quiet like MASH. I am going back to school to finish my bachelor's degree and hopefully go one to be a Nurse Practitioner starting this January.

Let me stop here and make clear to all brothers,

If you have a history of pornography, don't contact me. If you are going to contact me with the aim of getting cash, don't contact me. If you are telling a lie on your profile, don't contact me. Now that some of the ground rules are there, please know that I am earnestly seeking a righteous companion and do not triffle with sacred things.

My interests are varied and broad. I much prefer participating in sports than watching. Afraid of heights to a point but willing to do and try many things. Hike a fifty miler to take in the adventure and wake up to the song of a bird, canoe, run on the beach with the sand squishing between my toes, dive into an ocean pool or body surf. The waves crashing on the beach are a beautiful sound! I prefer to watch movies or TV at the end of a day of work. I like a wide variety of books from self help, how to, adventure, and anything uplifting. I have traveled western and southern states mostly, Europe, New Zea land and Australia with the islands in route. My parents have helped me appreciate a wide variety of cultures. I love the United States and am appreciative of the sacrifices that made and keep our constitution. I love to cook, but prefer someone to cook for. I love gardening. Even though I grew up mostly citified, I love county living and am adaptable. Text me and you'll find out.

I am looking for a righteous priesthood holder, who makes and keeps sacred covenants. Who is an enthusiast for gospel living. Who is passionate and devoted as I am for the one I love. Tenderness and dating your spouse can be expressed a million ways to say I love you even when the sands of time work against our mortal bodies. I want a home where the gospel can be felt by all who enter. I am found naive and trusting of others in a number of ways to a fault. Finding out if there is a connection is a part of dating. I am not into toying with any ones emotions. I cherish chastity and my temple covenants.

If you were to ask what my personality is, it would be red, blue and green I think. Its a strange mix, but it is who I am. You'll find I can laugh at myself and see the humor in things. I love learning a variety of subjects. Life is an adventure with a great deal of joy. What a wonderful world we have been given. By nature I am romantic and trusting.

I love the gospel. I have served an extraction mission, full time and a stake mission. I want to serve my Heavenly Father again. A service mission, a temple mission and as a married couple proselyting would be grand. The scriptures are living water to me. I love to share my aha moments and discuss doctrine and insights as they relate personally. Now that I live closer to a temple, there is a greater opportunity to learn and be spiritually fed each time I attend. I never fail to learn something new or have a meaning deepened and broadened. I am grateful for my Savior whose arm is stretched forth encouraging and whose gift of atonement make it possible to return to loving Heavenly Parents. I am grateful for the restoration, the priesthood, the sealing power of families and the joy and peace that come from living its principles despite trials and hardship.


Favorite season: Spring
I am interested in a person who dresses period

My favorite service project was/is
collecting and making blankets and clothing for an orphanage
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Flowers, Gardening, Home Decoration, Home Improvement, Other

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