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28 years old
5' 11" (180 cm) tall
Brown Hair
Hazel Eyes
Never Married
Occupation: Computers/IT
Some college
0 Children/ 0 at home
Mission: Every member a missionary
Regularly Attends Church
Temple Recommend, Temple Worthy

Greeting from CameronWYO:

Is this the section where I am suppose to sell myself. ***Caution*** reading further my cause you to fall head over heels madly in to the floor....that is if you're walking and not watching where you're going.

A little bit about me then

I am a certified diver (open water) I would love to further my certification to advanced open water diver. I would totally love to find someone to/or who would be interested in diving and would dive with me. On that note I haven't been anywhere cool so don't get to excited. On my second open water dive I happened to somehow head butt the worlds nicest shark and as they say man to man (in this case man to shark) tangled with a 9 ft giant and lived. No I don't have any missing limbs or shredded scars and I am completely fine with that.

I grew up working on everything from gardening, concrete, wood, painting, cows, horses, welding, and so on.

I played sports in high school. Football, wrestling, track and cross country skiing. Having said that I hate college and professional sports. I don't watch them and nope I have never watched a Super Bowl. Proud of that one. I'm not much into video games and practically have to be begged by friends to play them.

I have a dog and her name is Briar. She is a pure bred Labrador and registered so I have hopes of some day getting atleast one litter out of her. I guess I would like to always have a pup from her bloodline. She is an all around dog. I have spent a lot of time and effort into training her and the result.....she is an amazing dog! I have 5 nieces all of them chase her around and she interacts with them very well. She is DEFINATELY a companion and important to me. Everywhere I go she goes. I get to take her to work with my as well.

I love working with wood and I recently built a piano (everything on it made out of wood) just to see if I could.

I love to write anything from poetry to fiction and from love to pain. I like exercising my imagination.

I like action movies, fighting explosions the whole works... But I also like movies that make you think about life movies that have deeper meanings to them and yes I will watch most chick flicks. I don't have a problem with it. (Are they the first movie I reach for... Ummm no not usually)

I ran my own business for awhile doing many different things. My all time favorite though was in 2011 I opened my first haunted house. I built the entire thing out of cardboard and hot glue. I had trees, crypts, witch huts, castles, caves, and many other things that I had to build and paint. Now most people say cardboard?! Is that safe? It's not very sturdy. Well guess you would of had to been there to see for yourself. It was ranked first place in the state of wyoming.

I waited ten years to go to Alaska and finally went in 2012. One of my fondest memories. I was offered a job there to work on fishing boats and take care of the resorts cabins and supplying them with firewood. (Yes I worked at the resort while I was on vacation).

If you didn't pickup on it earlier I am a hunter. No we aren't all mindless killing machines who are all blood and guts. Sometimes it's nice just to be out just to see creatures up close and then watch them walk away. I would enjoy being able to share that with someone.

I am the youngest of four kids. My brothers are active in the church and live in Casper. My sister lives in Las Vegas. I was born in Wyoming so my parents are here as well. I wouldn't say we are all weird and in each other's business. I love my family but I also love our ability to live our own lives and not constantly have to talk or be in touch.

Traveling goals oh well there are so many places and things I want to see. So it is DEFINATELY in my future.

I was curious about parakeets so I recently bought one. I've never had a bird but have always wanted one.


Broken bones: 4+
I mostly watch/listen to conference at home on TV

My favorite TV show is
Psych, smallville, Big Bang theory,
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Animals/Pets, Flowers, Gardening, Home Improvement, Landscaping

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