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54 years old
5' 6" (167 cm) tall
Brown Hair
Hazel Eyes
Occupation: Construction
Some college
4 Children/ 0 at home
Mission: Plan to with my future spouse
Regularly Attends Church
Endowed, Temple Recommend, Temple Worthy

Greeting from Brad7:

Well, where do I start, I am really not very good with talking about myself. I love life, enjoy work and play. I am a business owner, I build homes for a living I have been in business for 23 years now. Even though I have been very busy in the building industry in the past I am wanting to slow down a bit and smell the roses some. My children say that I will never be able to, but I want to prove them wrong.

I am looking for a man that is financially set, and that I do not have to take care of. I have been there, done that and I am not into that anymore. Yes I can take care of myself, but would like to have someone in my life that loves himself well enough that he can love me too. Someone that knows his self-worth and loves the gospel and honors his priesthood. A man that wants to make me his princess and in return I will make him my knight in shining armor. Yes this sounds a little corny and like a fairy tale, but I know that when it comes to my part in the relationship I will always give 150% I am as true as the day is long, and want the same from my eternal partner. I love laughter and have not a problem with being teased. My mother always taught me that when they stop teasing you, that means they stopped liking you. Yes, I was raised with a lot of saying, growing up in the south, my kids to this day are amazed with some of the saying I come up with. Speaking of kids, I have 5 beautiful children, 4 of which I get to enjoy here on this earth and one that is waiting for me to raise in the here after. I was blessed with a little angel that only got to be here on earth for a short period of time. I look forward to one day reuniting with him and hope that I will be worthy enough to raise him one day. But, meanwhile I enjoy my 4 grown children that are happily married to wonderful spouses. I love being a mom and grandma.I have 8 adorable grandchildren. Yes I am a young grandma, I had all five children by the time I was 28.

A few of my negatives are: I work to much , but I am working very hard at slowing down. I tended to be late often, but not late to church. I am a night owl.

A few of my positives are: I can cook, clean ( although I have a cleaning lady). I do not like a messy home, can be a little OCD. I would think of my partner first before myself. I am a very selfless person that is looking after others before myself. I love to serve others and love the joy that it beings into my life. I have never said no to any calling in the church. I enjoy riding bikes, boating, skiing, working out. I don't watch alot of TV, although my partner has all rights to watching sports, etc. I do have a few shows that I DVR and watch later, I don't care for commercials. I desire a fit man, one that is concerned about his appearance, and wants his wife to look the same. I love to travel, not so much in a travel trailer though. I AM NOT LOOKING FOR A QUICK ROMANCE. Let's just say I have been in a not so good relationship as of recent and do not want to make that mistake again. My goal with this site is to meet a man that has the same desires in life and become friends first, then from there we can decide. Sallie


For a first date I would prefer dinner and a movie
When asked about reading I said It's ok

My dream car is
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Aerobics, Cycling, Running/Jogging, Yoga

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