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49 years old
6' 4" (193 cm) tall
Light Brown Hair
Blue Eyes
Occupation: Advertising/Marketing/PR
College graduate
0 Children/ 0 at home
Mission: USA-Oklahoma
Regularly Attends Church
Endowed, Temple Recommend, Temple Worthy

Greeting from Bob3485:

A little about me...

Well I feel 40, and hope I look as well, but I am closer to 50 than to 40. And hope the girls, or women a few years younger would look to some additional qualities. I would hope to find a girl in the 37-47 age group, and at least 5'6", as I am 6'4".

For those that know color codes, I am 28% white, 27% blue and 27% red (so my yellows bring up the rear...but I am real fun, trust me lol).....with white as my guiding color, feelings of peace and kindness are important, it fits well with my blue as personal connections and romance are highly valued. I remember one of my examples, Ronald Reagan, after his divorce he said he needed to be married because he needed to love, and at the end of the day he just wanted to come home to his Nancy....nothing greater than to love....and then with my reds at 27% I am outgoing with leadership qualities...I have always been entrepreneurial and have enjoyed those freedoms and rewards from such. For now I live in Mesa AZ. but spend as much time in Salt Lake....with some time in S.Ca. on occasion (gotta love that beach!!)

How I feel about the Church...

I have a lot of interests and pleasures, but some of my favorites are conference, the temple, BYU Tv, and of course the scriptures.....Developing the virtues and practicing the Saviors teachings is what brings the greatest joy. Is there anything better than having a testimony? I try not to wear it on my sleeve but live it as well as possible....I always appreciate those that lift and try not to judge, and try and follow that example

What I do for fun...

Now the fun part....Take one of my favorite Saturdays... It starts with a workout at the Gym at 10:00, then a temple session at 2:00, romantic dinner at 5:00 and a movie at 7:00 ..............

I have always been involved with sports at some level...not so much competitively anymore, (except maybe a pickup game, (those guys in church ball are intense)... or some softball)...but enjoy most sports recreationally, and love to stay in shape and work out. How about a weekend skiing, and a warm cozy fire in the night...

Spent some time in college with music, so I am as well inclined towards the arts.....I need a date to the museums in that would be fun.

And how about a jog on the beach, or a romantic stroll with the beach and the moon and....., oh yea a girl......

Wow, lots of fun things to do.....boy it looks like they all seem to include romance....except maybe the gym....not so much romance at the gym...not

Oh I forgot...lastly, looking back, those guys that took social dance at college, really were now I'm catching up...and how fun is that..and as well...better with a girl!!

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