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29 years old
5' 10" (177 cm) tall
Brown Hair
Hazel Eyes
Never Married
Occupation: Legal
Graduate Work/Degree
0 Children/ 0 at home
Mission: USA-Kentucky
Regularly Attends Church
Endowed, Temple Recommend, Temple Worthy

Greeting from BenHCKM:

First, the superficial: I LOVE skiing.As in, if I had no other care in the world, I just might ski every day of my life. I also really like whitewater kayaking and windsurfing is similarly awesome. Unfortunately, growing up in Arizona where both snow and water aren't particularly abundant, it was hard to pursue these passions.

Now, the substantial: my commitment to and love of Jesus Christ informs pretty much everything I'm passionate about.I have this suspicion that Christ doesn't much care how often I windsurf for windsurfing's sake, so I try to suit my passions to a purpose: Christ. This means I don't run around getting adrenaline highs as often as I might like, but I'm fulfilled anyways.

If that wasn't deep enough for you, let's talk about relationships: I'm looking for an equal partner in the business of life. Someone to share in the joys as well as the sorrows, the work as well as the play. Someone to counsel with in all our affairs, to raise children with in wisdom. Someone who I can impact the community for good with, stand up for truth with, and serve those around me with. Ultimately, someone who I can worship the Lord with, as all these other things I see as stemming from this one desire. I guess really all I'm saying is I'm looking for a righteous woman while trying to be a righteous man and Priesthood holder in return.

Now for the stupid stuff: I graduated from the University of Chicago Law School and used to live in the hippest neighborhood in Chicago - Wicker Park (although, I probably stuck out like a sore thumb). I volunteered at Noble Street College Prep (a Charter school that serves underprivileged kids), arranged for law school faculty to debate visiting speakers, and served at two different levels in the LDS law society, and, when I could find time, helped an LDS scholar prepare manuscripts for publication.

These days, I'm a licensed attorney doing natural resource law around the country. I also manage some properties in town, write faux-philosophy on the side with a PhD buddy, and enjoy temperatures warmer than the negative double digits we had in Chicago.

I love pursuing life experiences. Sometimes that's traveling to far off countries, other times that's braving Lake Michigan in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Whatever the pursuit, it's always worthwhile and makes for great stories later on - I'd love to share some and hear some of yours - so drop me a line. And by "line" I mean a message - I don't really respond to IMs.


My favorite pet is a dog
Favorite season: Summer

My favorite movie or play is
House of Flying Daggers, Hero, Primer, Bourne Identity, and The Village (it's a romance! Seriously!)
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Action, Documentary, Drama, Mystery, Science Fiction

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