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41 years old
5' 10" (177 cm) tall
Dark Blonde Hair
Blue Eyes
Occupation: Education
Graduate Work/Degree
3 Children/ 3 at home
Mission: Haven't served
Regularly Attends Church
Endowed, Temple Recommend, Temple Worthy

Greeting from Astria:

I love finding adventures in everyday life, stopping to take a moment to play a game, skipping stones in a lake, or exploring another path just to see what is behind the bend. I like being an enthusiastic cheerleader for my kids as they explore their world. I love taking day trips and discovering the things in our neighborhood that are often overlooked, or simply stopping to exam a bug or watch a lizard scamper away.

I love to sketch, listen to music, sing, dance and cuddle with my kids. I love watching their minds expand and watching them become more and more independent. I love reading to them at bedtime.

I love to decorate my space, painting and sewing up a storm. I want to learn to use power tools.

I'm an avid reader mostly fantasy/sci fi but also mystery and historical novels. I read a lot of sword-slashing, magic and generally medieval fantasy books, throw in a dragon or two, a quest, and a sprinkle of romance, and I'm gold.

Dancing is so much fun! There's really not as much toe-stepping as you would think. Ballroom and Latin are my favorites, but I also enjoy a good country swing.

Have you been to Gilwell Field? Wood badge is an amazing scouting program and I have 1 year left to get my beads!

Bazinga! Spoilers! My two favorite shows are Big Bang Theory and Doctor Who.

Do you have a board game you love? I love to play--except Settlers of Catan, (yep you heard me right--it's too slow, although I'll play Starfarers and the card version). I like finding unusual or new games. Parthenon and Forbidden Island are two of my current favorites and I'd love to teach you how to play!

My bachelor's is in philosophy but I'd rather teach algebra, so I'm working on a master's degree in math education.

I come from a large, loving, rural family with a bit of chaos and genuine respect for each other. I am looking for someone who is intelligent, loves life, and wants a gospel centered home.

I'm really looking for someone to share the things I love in life, and who is willing to share the things they love with me.


My favorite service project was/is
The quiet, behind the scenes, one-on-one kind, but I also like Scouting for Food
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Board, Strategy

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