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43 years old
6' 1" (185 cm) tall
Dark Brown Hair
Dark Brown Eyes
Never Married
Occupation: Social Services/Mental Health
Graduate Work/Degree
0 Children/ 0 at home
Mission: USA-California
Regularly Attends Church

Greeting from Anoah:

I'm in process of moving to Hana, Maui, Hawaii. Will arrive second week of August. Will be in Utah and Idaho and Washington along the way for a few weeks. If you'd like to get married and live in Hawaii, let me know =). Okay, now that I've proposed to the whole of ldssingles, we'll move on =).

Cincinnati native, but have lived away for most the past 14 yrs. I love getting out of the suburbs and city to nature, but enjoy time at home and city hustle and bustle sometimes too.

I've traveled to many international places...ask and I'll share.

I have a great sense of humor, laughing and joking around often. I'm educated and know how to have a serious conversation too, and am pretty astute to what's happening in the world in many ways.

I'm a reformed hippy really =). I'd rather not have to wear my shoes ever again and grow my thinning hair back out, and at the same time be actively engaged in my community to support conservative moral agendas. I think it'd be cool to have lots of land (or a little land, whatever the case may be) and live off the grid, again at the same time staying involved in making a difference in the community. The possibilities are amazing.

I'm kind and loving and service oriented with my interaction with my community. I'm the guy who picks up a shivering old man at a bus stop and drives him home instead of having him wait in 0 degree weather for the bus; or stop and use my last AAA tow for a family stuck on the highway. I love to help people in every way I can. I wish I could just have a life of service instead of work.

I'm an active member of the Church. I talk about God openly and freely and lovingly.

...Playful, affectionate, committed/loyal, thoughtful, daring, hopeful, know how to treat a lady with romance and respect...

I speak up and out about maintaining traditional morality in the world. I'm a supporter of the Constitution. I do not like Barak Obama or any of his socialist bipartisan cohorts. Rather than just having an "emotional" opinion about something I like to discuss facts and figures, so to speak. So, there's some political things to think about =).

I want to get married and have a family. I'd like to meet an amazing woman; of course there's a variable in that phrase (amazing).

I’m really good at making you laugh, billiards/pool, painting--houses and such, hiking, understanding others and life, romance, teaching/presenting, public speaking, being a counselor, helping in the kitchen, making smoothies--I can make kale taste better than...well its just really good, math, acting goofy and fun.

I like to scuba and rock climb, cliff dive, swim in the mountain rivers...

Movies: The Kid; Iron Will; lots of others

Shows...don't watch TV really, don't have TV service at my home and don't really want to.

Music: folk, acoustic, some classic rock, jazz, funky ol' soul, CCR, Bread, CSNY...

Food: fresh veggies and fruit; Thai, Indian, Chips and salsa, coconut milk ice cream; I prefer mostly vegan just has naturally developed that way as I've learned more about nutrition...but if I eat meat it's free of chemicals, farm raised and cared for, or wild caught--no, I'm not a hunter or fisherman but that's the best meat if you're gonna eat it; GMO free as much as possible; chemical/preservative free; yerba mate; homemade popcorn; I miss the fruit from the islands.

Books: Scriptures, Bonds That Make Us Free, fairy tale--Iron John, Calvin and Hobbes, The Alchemist, The Hike...bunch of others

I can't do without God, family, friends, nature, water, food...I have learned though that one can live with VERY VERY little, and do so JOYFULLY.

I think about creating a life with a woman. Having land and developing. Helping people. Romance and passion. Traveling. Spiritual things...

You should message me if (among other things): you like anything I aren't're still curious in any want a want to want a have a fun sensual want to be treated well and have fresh flowers...have sense of humor...are adventurous...believe in God and want to raise your family that would go to church with me and enjoy the faith I share and cherish...are passionate and physical don't have your face pierced...are a millionaire....have a great sense of humor and enjoy life.


If I had 1 million dollars I would be most likely to save it
My friends would say I'm the romantic one

My favorite movie or play is
I like good clean flicks. I liked seeing A Christmas Carol live on stage.
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Billiards, Board, Ping Pong

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