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33 years old
5' 11" (180 cm) tall
Auburn Hair
Hazel Eyes
Never Married
Occupation: Healthcare
Some college
0 Children/ 0 at home
Mission: Romania
Occasionally Attends Church

Greeting from AndreasMS2003:

I am constantly in search of the "Future Mrs. Awesome", my problem lies in the fact that I spend most of my time at work and the time I'm able to dedicate to finding Awesome is a lot less that I would ever hope for.

I'm easy going but a comic relief, ironically, I happen to be a torture master by trade. I'm fairly conservative but enjoy changing things up on occasion, how is that for contrast. I love pets but I have a soft spot for cats and birds 1st. I don't get out much so I can't claim many hobbies at the moment as my time tends to get %$#!%ed up by work. My current pass times include Netflix and icing my arms, random walks in my neighborhood, semi-frequent swimming at the gym after work and down time during allergy season while enjoying hay fever.

I'm a deep tissue Massage Therapist and enjoy my work as a good torture master should. My biggest problem is everything I come in contact with that falls in the category of awesome I also have to let go for professional reasons, even more irony to enjoy. Plenty of gorgeous and I cant keep any of it, woe is me.

How does someone date a Massage Therapist you wonder? This should be the best joke ever, but it also ends up being the worst, Most people don't unless you come across them on random somewhere other than where they work. So here is one on random, lol.

I can be a little awkward at times when not in familiar settings at 1st, but I warm up pretty quick, I love to get to know people over dinner and hang out casually with no expectation of more, I'll hope my butt off but I will keep my expectations to a minimal. Looking forward to meeting some awesome out there that I have a possibility keeping, sounds like a nice change to me.

Ladies, if you see that I have looked at your profile and I haven't messaged you yet it is because I have found far too many who fall under the description of "AWESOME" to contact everyone. I will only message 1 or 2 ladies at a time and the list is long as there are a lot of women in Houston.


For a first date I would prefer dinner and a movie
I mostly watch/listen to conference on the internet

My dream car is
the suv's big brother "The Marauder"
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Board, Card, Computer, Strategy, Other

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