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34 years old
5' 3" (160 cm) tall
Brown Hair
Brown Eyes
Occupation: I'll tell you later
College graduate
2 Children/ 2 at home
Mission: Other
Regularly Attends Church
Endowed, Temple Recommend, Temple Worthy

Greeting from Africanamericanqueen:

I want someone to love the right someone … I want to love him so much to the point of him being surrounded by so much of my love and positive energy that he shines with light and happiness …

Someone to cook and clean and shop for and make laugh and help build his dreams… someone to look fly for and surprise and basically cater to ….All I EVER wanted was simple thingz a simple kind of life… But at the same time I love Glam Luxury and extravagance … I love love love to walk the RED CARPET…

So yeah I’m Princess Dre and obviously I’m really pretty. A Beautiful Brown African American Queen………

)What I love: My beautiful Culture fore it is so recognizable..

What I love to do: Being with my family talking laughing and shopping with my sisters….

What I would love to do on a date: Meet amazing people and just hang out somewhere casual and relax….

I am most of all grateful to have O so many people in my life who love me. I have so many people in my life who really truly love me a lot…. And they are not just typical any kind of ordinary random type of human beings they are happy, creative, artistic, ambitious, beautiful, attractive, amazing, loving, kind, real, stylish, fashionable, worthy, just all around good eggs. And I love you all….. Yes I know I am O so particular about who I allow in my circle.This is strictly because I must create boundaries… It may sound a bit rude but, I have O so much happiness and not an inch of room for codependency, negative energy, and people who have unresolved issues that build up inside of them for years. I don’t have time for anger, sadness, depression, and issues that people just don’t want to release and get rid of. Sometimes people hold on to their, issues, depression, sadness and anger as a form of protection and I say unto you…. BEHOLD THE TRUTH FROM PRINCESS ANDREA…..Tis time for thou to humble thyself and take heed of my words. This does nothing!!! But fill up your body with negative energy which turns into sadness anger, and depression and all of this doesn’t equal the light of Christ….Where is the room for .. LOVE, POSITIVE ENERGY, AND MOST OF ALL HAPPINESS??? RELEASE ALL ISSUES TO THE LIGHT OF CHRIST THIS IS WHAT HE DIED AND STILL LIVES FOR….. I've learned that happiness is what it is all about. Happy Happy Happy is the emotion that we all should focus on.I am sorry if I have every offended or , hurt anyone in my life. I wasn't put here on earth to hurt because my mission here is to heal. I love to love. I am free and have so much more to learn and, so much more growth is needed upon me. I'm am the first to admit it. I love you all. Let me tell you all something!!! I have grown to learn so much this week in such a painful way. Pain sometimes is releasing and, refreshing. I now know you have to let things be what they are and let those believe what makes them feel free and true Happiness. But are we really happy. This life is not a joke this time on earth there is a limit.


Favorite holiday: Halloween
When asked about reading I said I love it

My favorite service project was/is
Working with Refugee's who just enter the US
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Chorus/Singing, Cooking, Drawing, Dancing, Musical Instruments, Needlework/Sewing, Painting, Photography, Writing

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