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59 years old
5' 11" (180 cm) tall
Brown Hair
Hazel Eyes
Occupation: Retired
Graduate Work/Degree
6 Children/ 0 at home
Mission: Guatemala
Regularly Attends Church
Endowed, Temple Recommend, Temple Worthy

Greeting from AdventureBill:

Indexing Italian births for the Rome temple took me a year to learn and I am gung ho about it this month. It is so satisfying and fun. I taught Jr High Science for 33 years and trying to decipher that handwriting may have helped my interpretation skills.

To avoid loneliness I have been doing most of my indexing work at the Saint George Family History Center. I hoped I would get into Family History work at some point in my life as my patriarchal blessing tells me it is one of my callings in this life.

You probably have never experienced too much time and too little productivity. Since retiring Feb'13, (not that I wanted to but I guess I had worn out my welcome as a Mad Scientist) I have listened to all the general conferences on I finished just Last week. A week to remember. I have over 4200 highlights from those 43 years of conference talks. The study tools on are fantastic.

Do you have a yellow card yet so you can attend church on the 21 of September? Isn't it strange how only temple recommend holders will be allowed to go to church on that day?

Sorry, no tithing no church today!

What a huge change in mindset for that special temple dedication Sunday!

WE had Labrador retriever puppies last week. I have never been the pet owner of puppies before. Thank heaven they have a mother. I said WE because I have 3 Labs.

I attended a new start-up indexing class for SS yesterday. It is so fun to know what is going on. Bit by bit we pick it up as long as we keep trying.

I would love to be in a partnership/relationship right now. I have been financially secure this last year even without earning any money. What a blessing. I enjoy thinking and studying about the gospel. I have been a journal keeper since before my mission. I believe journals help us be our best selves, and keep us honest with our Father in Heaven.

I love to sing and now have experience leading the sacrament meeting hymns for the last 4 years. People are important and rich treasures to me. I would like to help everyone write their autobiography/ life story so I could read it!

May God Keep us and bless us in our righteous endeavors. Let's visit.

alias AdventureBill Sept'14



If given the choice I would live in a mountain cabin
Favorite junk food: ice cream

My favorite scripture is
2 Nephi 26: 23,24,25 I have 28 scriptures that are a part of me.
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Aerobics, Cycling, Jump Rope, Running/Jogging, Walking, Weightlifting, Other

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