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58 years old
5' 11" (180 cm) tall
Brown Hair
Hazel Eyes
Occupation: Retired
Graduate Work/Degree
6 Children/ 0 at home
Mission: Guatemala
Regularly Attends Church
Endowed, Temple Recommend, Temple Worthy

Greeting from AdventureBill:

Fantasy is what most of the women I have talked to on this site, are enjoying.

It is almost like a live soap box opera. I am disappointed but I think I am making sense of it. Who wants to get hurt again? Not very many of us.

So if you are sincerely hunting for a spouse and want to serve a couples mission, contact me. I am already retired and ready to serve.

I thought about changing my alias to Conference Carl. Because I love general conference and listen to old talks every day. It is easy:

@@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@

Accessing conference talks:

1 go to )

2 click )latest general conference (right hand side)

3 look over on the left. click on )all conferences.

4 choose the year you would like to see and then click April or October conference. You are there!

: ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) ; ) : ) : )

Here are my last 10 highlights from my highlighting notebook. It is so easy to work. If you need any help I would be glad to help you.

1-“As I Have Loved You”

, October 1985 General Conference

"It was then I learned that happiness is really a by-product of service."

2- The Gospel of Love

, October 1985 General Conference

"In Cali, Colombia, a few days ago, the mission president visited one of our Church meetings. At the start of the meeting a seven-year-old boy came up on the stand and sat next to him. He was not on the program; he just wanted to be there. When the meeting was nearly over he strode to the pulpit and bore his testimony.

When he finished, he went back and sat next to the president. The two exchanged glances. The mission president smiled approval. The young boy smiled back. In those dark eyes was a message of love and security. Here was someone who knew he belonged.

Later it was learned the boy had spent his earlier life as an orphan. A couple in the ward had taken him in and were raising him as their own. The whole ward was his home, and he was blossoming in this atmosphere of acceptance.

“Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.” ( Matt. 25:40.)"

3- The Abundant Life

James E. Faust, October 1985 General Conference

"Nothing is mandatory in this church. Free agency is a cardinal principle of obedience."

4-“From Such Turn Away”

Boyd K. Packer, April 1985 General Conference

"I saw something else on the wall of that little chapel in Huacuyo. It was a rudely printed poster. I could not hold back the tears as I read the heading “preparacion para ser estaca”—preparation"

5-“From Such Turn Away”

Boyd K. Packer, April 1985 General Conference

"There we found what we were seeking—a little adobe and stone chapel. The few Saints in the region had built it themselves with no help from the Church."

6- Preparing Yourselves for Missionary Service

Ezra Taft Benson, April 1985 General Conference

"In 1923 I was serving a mission in Great Britain. At that time there was great opposition to the Church. It began with the ministers and then spread through the press. Many anti-Mormon articles appeared in the daily press. A number of anti-Mormon movies were shown, and derogatory plays were produced on the stage. The general theme was the same—that Mormon missionaries were in England to lure away British girls and make slaves of them on Utah farms."

7- The Resurrection

James E. Faust, April 1985 General Conference

"One, only one, person could speak her name that way. With that single word all doubt, confusion, and uncertainty was swept away. Mary, in that instant, came to the grand, sublime realization that he for whom she mourned, even Jesus that was crucified, had risen from the dead, just as the angels early that very morning had testified, “He is risen.” (See Luke 24:6.)"

8- The Resurrection

James E. Faust, April 1985 General Conference

"When Mary Magdalene, Joanna, Mary (the mother of James), and the other women told the Apostles that they had seen the resurrected Lord, “their words seemed to them as idle tales, and they believed them not.” ( Luke 24:11; see also Matt. 28:9–10.)"

9- The Resurrection

James E. Faust, April 1985 General Conference

"I suspected that a thief was after my wallet. I instinctively grabbed one of the hands"

10- The Mantle of a Bishop

Robert D. Hales, April 1985 General Conference

"Bishop Pace said to me when he received his call, “You don’t know me that well.” My response was, “No, but the Lord does.”"

@@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@

So can you (span style="font-weight:bold;")tell how far I am on listening to all the sessions of General Conference?

Love you, and all good sister saints!


alias AdventureBill


Favorite junk food: ice cream
When asked about reading I said I love it

My favorite scripture is
2 Nephi 26: 23,24,25 I have 28 scriptures that are a part of me.
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Computers/Technology, Fine Arts, History, Mathematics, Medical/Health, Philosophy, Science

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