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59 years old
5' 11" (180 cm) tall
Brown Hair
Hazel Eyes
Occupation: Retired
Graduate Work/Degree
6 Children/ 0 at home
Mission: Guatemala
Regularly Attends Church
Endowed, Temple Recommend, Temple Worthy

Greeting from AdventureBill:

June is here. I am happy and blessed. I hope you are too. We have only had one day so far of 100 degree weather. We had the coldest 3 week spell ever in December and so many plants have died you would not believe it. All the oleanders were cold shocked back to their roots.

My youngest son, Michael'92, wanted to read the Old Testament aloud together his last summer as a Junior at Desert Hills High School, because we had done all of the other books of scripture together and some of them multiple times (BoM). I warned him I really didn't want to and that I thought it was a bad idea, but I would go with his choice. We embarked but never finished.

A few months ago I ordered the big, hefty, oversized, Old Testament for LDS families with teaching/learning aides, 2005. I am up to about page 150 and this is the copy we should have studied from! Boyd K. Packer warns investigators and anyone reading the Book of Mormon for the first time that they will need to plow through the Old Testament language found in Nephi's writings of Isaiah. I am not alone. He knew what it was like.

Since retiring from Jr. High science school teaching in FEB'13 I have been able to read and write and research to my heart's content. I can't believe I can survive on half a retirement salary. My X gets the other half. Her choice. MS (multiple sclerosis) has been so debilitating for her.

I am being temporarily insane. I have 25 tropical tanks running in the house and 20 mini ponds, for summer, in the yard. I have 3 Labradors that I hike each day, and have my 3rd dog sitting job for the summer. My bishop even had me feed his dog(Morena) Monday through Thursday this week. Rosco's masters went to Argentina for 3 weeks. FIFI's master is in Mexico for a month with her mother and visiting relatives. To tell the truth, I was flattered when I heard the Bishop's vmail asking me to take over for his next door neighbor.

I can't give up the regular experiments that teaching science ingrained in me. Last week I made a second try at pickling fish. Habanero vinegar tincture works real well. Habanero Olive Oil subbed for popcorn butter works real well too. Bitter greens used to be a regular in meals, in the olden days. I have soaked my dandelion greens and they are much easier to chop. But they are a pain to harvest. The most I have picked was 50 leaves in one effort.

I was surprised to learn that Apostle Benson wrote a book after his 8 years as Secretary of Agriculture to President Dwight B. Eisenhower. It is called Cross Fire '62. I read about half of it on line and it was so well written, and it was so cool to get the nitty gritty about government from someone I trusted. I am expecting two of his books to arrive tomorrow from What a kind, caring, gentle prophet he was. Do you remember his high squeaky voice? I have listened up to October'90 General Conference so far and in '88 he could barely talk. I watched his bottom jaw shaking and he looked so feeble. But what a bastion of integrity he had been. And he was candid, genuine, honest from beginning to end. My personal favorite has always been Kimball but I have learned to love Benson this time around.

So what can you tell about me so far? 1-General Conference is my spiritual feasting ground. 2-Gospel and Church and family mean everything to me. 3-I like to communicate and write. 4-Animals/pets and nature are huge motivators and a pleasure to me. 5-I feel rich having lived on my retirement for a year, and being able to/forced to at the age of 57. 6-I was a little too unconventional as a science teacher, mad scientist. 7-I risk take and experiment, but hopefully under safe conditions. 8-Reading and writing are fun to me. 9-Trust is a huge factor. Who do I trust? and what is the truth? (Thank heavens for the gospel and church.) 10-Fun can be created. (And if it is not fun then try to make it that way). 11-I can be trusted to take good care of your dog, and I can keep all your fish alive.

If this greeting seems a little unusual, I have 9 others I can share with you. Isn't it fun to get to know new people! Especially when they are latter-day saints, s a i n t s!

God bless all you sisters.


I am interested in a person who dresses casually
When asked about reading I said I love it

My dream car is
One that doesn't use gas or need maintenance, economical.
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Choir, Other

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