Success Stories: 2014
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I looked into her eyes, I realized she was the one

I met Barbara on at the end of September. We corresponded by email for a short time and we arranged our schedules to meet in the Redlands Temple on October 3rd. We discussed various meeting places, but settled on the temple as after all, what better (or safer) place to meet than in the temple. When we met and I looked into her eyes, I realized she was the one.  After attending the temple we sat in her car and talked for an hour, went to get something to eat, then talked for another hour. We went on several subsequent dates, watched General Conference together, and became engaged on October 21st. Our wedding date is set for December 5th, 2014.

As we are both in the winter of our lives, we decided to have a short engagement so as to arrange affairs prior to our marriage and to notify and meet family members. What we would like to share with others is to encourage anyone to maintain their ideals and to be specific as to the traits they are seeking in a companion when writing their profile. We appreciated the high standards LDS Singles maintains as compared to other websites. We really enjoyed the Compass Matching Profile as we were matched at an Extremely High Level of compatibility, something we did not see when compared to anyone else who had taken the survey. We would encourage anyone taking the Survey to be as open and honest in answering the questions as possible, as we feel this contributed to our compatibility rating.

We have found that we are alike in so many ways and feel the same way about so many things that we are fascinated with each other. We are certain that others may find us boring, but we think alike on so many different planes, we almost read each other’s minds.


Thank you again for helping me find my eternal companion!

We first started talking online on Christmas Day in 2012 and then exchanged phone numbers not too long after that. I flew out to meet him for the first time exactly one month after we started talking on January 25, 2013. I decided to move out to be close to him after 6 months in June of 2013. We got even closer after that and our relationship just bloomed. We got engaged February 15, 2014 and our wedding date is June 6, 2014. I believe the reason that we had such a successful experience with online dating is because we were completely honest and open with one another. We put everything on the table at the start. We told each other what we wanted in life, our likes and dislikes, and the kind of person we want to be with. We had constant communication and we had to develop that pretty fast but we are thankful that we did.

The most important thing when trying to meet people online is, don't hold anything about you back. Be yourself because you want to find someone who likes all of you and accepts you, and you can't get that without being true to yourself.

Thank you so much for taking an interest in us! Thank you again for helping me find my eternal companion!

He is my rock!

There I was, single mom.  I was working full time to support my daughter; I was raising her without a father.  Dating seemed scary, but I was ready.  I was watching the Spring 2012 session of General Conference when I saw a commercial for  I knew I had to try it.  I signed up in the beginning of May 2012, where I started looking at users profiles and sending some messages. 

I went on a date with one man, but I knew he wasn't "the one".  I was sitting at my desk at work one day, browsing through more profiles, when I suddenly heard "let him find you". So I did. Skiptuck first made contact with me on May 28, 2012.  He seemed like a great guy; single dad with a great career path.  He was a returned missionary.  He was a proud priesthood holder.  I replied to his message with no hesitation, only something happened and the message didn't send.  The whole thing got deleted!  So I tried again.  And again, it didn't send.  I thought I would try one more time, but my phone rang at work and I had to take the call.  I forgot about answering him again.  My mind was always going 50 mph.  That night, I received another message from skiptuck.  Come to find, he was really sad I didn't reply (if he only knew!) and really wanted to get to know me.  He said he NEVER tried again if he didn't get a reply, but he couldn't ignore the promptings to.  So I FINALLY was able to reply successfully. 

We decided to go on a date, just a simple one to get ice cream and take a walk through the park.  That would be on June 1, 2012.  When he showed up at my front door, it was a very spiritual moment.  I recognized him standing there.  I KNEW him.  My daughter, who was a very shy baby, leaned into him.  She smiled at him!  She felt what I felt.  So off we went.  We talked about our pasts, our lives now, what we wanted.  He was divorced, his son without a mother.  I was young, never married, with a traumatic past and a baby.  We talked for hours.  He drove me home, and I felt the happiest I had felt in a very very long time. 

The next morning (Saturday June 2nd), I received a text from him asking if he could take me to a nice dinner that evening.  So we went out to eat, and talked even more about what we wanted out of life.  Afterwards, he took me on a drive up Little Cottonwood Canyon.  We stopped by a river (a peaceful thing I love) to talk some more.  We sat for hours by that river, talking about temples and which ones we loved the most.  Talking about family and it's importance.  He went from saying "my future wife" to "you".  The next afternoon, he came over again.  He helped me put a book shelf together for my mom, and then asked if I wanted to come to his son's birthday party the next day to meet him and his whole family; so on Monday, June 4th, I met his son on his fifth birthday, along with his whole family.  I was so nervous!  But I fit right in with them.

That Wednesday, he had to leave to China on a business trip.  He was gone for nine days, but we talked multiple times each day.  By then, we knew we would get married.  I picked him up from the airport on Saturday, June 16th.  We headed to his parents' home to tell them our plans.  The date was set!  August 16, 2012, we would be married.  I had never felt so happy in my life.  My family loved him and his son; his family loved me and my daughter.

On November 4, 2013, he became my daughter's legal father.  This was a HUGE moment in my life; a moment of healing and something I will never forget.  On July 12, 2013, two big events occurred in our lives.  We closed on our first home!  We also welcomed our first son, together, into this world.  He was born at 3:49 AM, 6 lbs 14 oz.  He is an amazing little boy who we can't imagine life without.  His spirit brightens our home greatly.  He is such a joy.

We are happier than ever.  We love each other so very much and I can't even remember life without him.  He is my rock!  Three kids, a house, pets, and financial struggles would break me completely if I didn't have him.  He is such an amazing husband, father, and member of the Church.  It feels like we have always been together, because I believe we were.  We will be together for time and all of eternity, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

We never looked back!

I didn’t want to do it. My eternal companion had died six months earlier and I was a mess. But my daughter and sister told me I needed to start dating and they both said “ you have to go on line now.” So like the obedient guy I am, I joined in September of 2013. My first experiences were frustrating. I did a greeting like the ones I read, posted photos that showed how fat and bald and old I am, and tried to get used to the protocols….Like getting ignored, Like thinking I was in a good dialogue and having the woman just go dark with no goodbye, Seemed rude; but I guess that’s internet protocol.

Finally after getting my heart bruised a couple of times, I went and visited my Sweetheart at the cemetery.  I told her I was finished with all that. She replied that I needed to give it another shot. I had a sudden clarity of thought and remembered an experience I’d had with her the night before her big surgery. I went home and rewrote my greeting. Told about the experience and “Spilled my guts.” It was maybe the longest, most pathetically candid male greeting in LDSSingles history.  Within an hour, on October 27, 2014, Lovely Marianne had sent me a smile. I replied and asked her if she would like to correspond. She replied that she still thought about her deceased eternal companion every day and needed to think about it.  I interpreted that as internet speak for “take a long walk off a short pier.” But she did think about it. And she did agree to correspond.

That started a month-long dialogue that was candid, fun and charming. It took about three posts for me to know I could trust Marianne. I asterisked a post I sent her on October 6 where I noticed that I was in love with this extraordinary woman. How could that be? Just weeks before, my old battered heart was broken beyond repair. We shared hour hopes, our dreams, our likes, dislikes for about a month. She could keep up with me on everything and could stand toe-to-toe on discussing old movies. I started being candid with my feelings, thinking I would scare her off, but she always saw my bet and raised me one. Then I asked her to post more photos. There was just one and not very good resolution. What a mistake! As soon as I saw how stunning she is, I asked her to please take them down.  I knew her mailbox would be overflowing with salivating men.  I asked her to pay no attention to them, as each had something wrong with him that could not be fixed.

Finally, she suggested that we meet.   I about had heart failure. I only had one chance to make a first impression.  We agreed to meet at the top of the Empire State Building on Valentine’s Day, or at least at the Grand America on November 23. Before meeting her, I printed out the 200 posts we had exchanged and cut the last of my Cary Grant and Princess Di roses from my garden. We had dinner in the Garden Room and sat on a sofa in one of the long hallways. I told her that first night that I was in love with her and also asked her if I get a kiss.

We never looked back. She finally decided maybe a month later that she may also love me. We were married on May 3, 2014. We are having a blast and we both believe we are gifts for each other from our Savior, with definite assists from each or our eternal companions. We plan to hang out for the balance of this earthly existence, then go on to our companions, but definitely stay in touch.


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