We are very happy and feel so very blessed that we where able to find each other.

I was on the site for well over two years and was beginning to think this wasn't going anywhere. When out of there blue a guy contacted me on IM. Now normally I didn't just talk to some random person who contacts me on IM but this guy was sort of local and from a town where I had visited the Temple, so before I even had the chance to think twice I was typing away. It went amazingly well and we seemed to have so much to talk about so much in fact that we set up a time to talk again the next evening. I thought I'd better read this guys profile before we talked again. The profile was truly awful! It was only half done and what was there wasn't very good. But now the "date" had been set up I had to talk to the guy. Well bad profile or not we talked and talked and the we talked some more. Over the next weeks we began talking on the phone and then we decided it was time to meet up. That first meeting was the beginning of an amazing courtship that has led to marriage. I guess my recommendation to others looking to find someone on the LDS Singles site is: Don't worry too much about the profile. You have to go with what feels right even if it doesn't look too promising from the outset. We are very happy and feel so very blessed that we where able to find each other. If we look at our lives it's very unlikely we would ever have met up. This site truly came to the rescue. Just go ahead and take a chance on someone :)

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