Thanks for making a true believer out of me and helping me find the girl of my dreams.

About 3 months ago after being pressured by family and friends about my dating situation in my current location I decided to muster up the courage and give LDS Singles a go. In the past I have felt shady about online dating vs. my true nature of face to face interaction. I am very Southern and feel that technology has dampened the traditional values of courtship but I swallowed my pride joined anyways with hope of getting a few dates to see if this site was legit. I was a regular male sending out the occasional flirt and hoping to spark the interest of a girl in waiting. One day as I was clicking through the endless list of girls I came across someone who caught my attention and it wasn't all based off of looks. She was beautiful, elegant, and overall someone I could picture myself with. I was very impressed with her profile and found very similar goals and interests we both shared. I decided to write her which was out of the norm for me when it comes to LDS Singles or online dating. I honestly didn't think I was good enough for her and thought what the heck I will see what happens but with a thought of not getting my hopes up. She eventually wrote back and we started off soft and simple with the basic get to know you tactics. I have a nature about throwing in my personality as much as possible when it comes to writing to someone I am interested in getting to know better. After a while we decided to move our chats to email because it was more convenient to access that from work, phone and school. We had only sent a few emails when all of a sudden I didn't hear from her. I wasn't heart broken because once again I had made sure for this hook up site not to get my hopes up. I went back to LDS Singles and slowly started from scratch with other possibilities even though deep down she had truly caught my attention. After about 3 weeks I decided to pray more specifically to prepare myself and my future spouse to be ready and help us to both be more worthy. About a few days later it seemed like I got hammered with flirts and messages on LDS Singles, Facebook, and in person. It was a humbling experience that I am not trying to brag about but the Lord was letting me know he heard me. About two weeks after praying and as I was continually doing so I got a message back from the girl I had originally found that I had liked so much. She had mentioned she was sorry that it had taken her so long to get back to me and that life had gotten crazy with work and school. She mentioned she was really interested in getting to know me more and if I was willing to give her another chance. I of course leaped on the opportunity and wrote her back immediately and we had an amazing spark like I have never before seen or felt. We wrote each other an email everyday without fail or hesitation for well over a week which turned into multiple emails, Facebook friends, texting, and still tackling the LDS Singles account but exclusively with her. We later stepped it up and spoke on the phone which turned into a middle school style of conversing talking for 3-6 hours a day. Finally, a situation arose that made it possible for me to take a trip from NM to UT to see her face to face and see if the spark we had on all the technological resources measured up to the real deal. I was in Provo seeing some family and she took the train to Sandy and jumped on a bus to Orem where we finally met for the first time. We were so nervous but literally both felt we were ready for this relationship to happen. Everything felt natural and amazing and our first date was my favorite and most fun date I have ever encountered. I believe it will be my last first date as well. She and I are still dating and are currently in a serious relationship that could eventually lead to something absolutely incredible. This may not be the greatest love story ever told but it is to me. Thanks for making a true believer out of me and helping me find the girl of my dreams.

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