I am so grateful to LDS Singles for being there to bring Robert and I together.

Robert was one of the very first people to make contact with me. I believe I was on LDS Singles maybe 2 days. He flirted with me, I checked out his profile and realized that the pictures that were posted in Canada were places that I use to go to when I was a little girl. He lives in the same town in Canada that My mother was raised in. That drew me at first. His profile was very clear on what he wanted, It freaked me out a bit at first but ultimately I was attracted to the profile. I flirted back and within 24 hours I felt it was ok to give him my phone number. It was totally a feeling that I followed. He called on a Friday as I was driving to Idaho. We talked for the full three hours. It was the easiest conversation I have ever had with someone that I didn't know. We talked the next day. On the way back to Utah on Sunday we talked the entire time again. We have talked everyday since then. He found a way to come to Utah to spend 10 days with me and my family. We went through every feeling and scenario possible during that 10 days. Robert was amazing and available to help me work through some very difficult things. This is from this wonderful man that I barely new. We have been able to share dreams and desires and vision through the internet. He lives in Canada and I live in Utah but we have become masters at Cyber Dating and are now working on our living arrangements so that we can be married soon. I am so grateful to LDS Singles for being there to bring Robert and I together. I would have never found this amazing man clear up in Canada with out LDS Singles. I am ETERNALLY GRATEFUL.

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