Success Stories: 2012
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The compass match rated us really high, saying that we matched really well. It was not kidding at all. We went on one date with neither of us expecting anything out of it, then we went on two dates in a row...three dates in three days! Next thing I know we were calling each other nearly every day planning out what we were going to do next. I am married to her now, and am still dating that Love of my life that I found through your site.

We met on LDSSingles...texted a little while and then we kinda stopped talking. About 4-5 months later he starts texting me again. Then we started calling, and skyping, and now he is moving out here to Utah from Hawaii. We are going to date a few more months and then get engaged. It was love at 2nd text site!!! LOL

I met my fiance' on LDSSingles. He was one of my daily quick picks. I sent him a flirt and the rest is history! It does take time, courage and patience, but it is very possible to find your next love on ldssingles. Besides meeting my husband on here, I also met a lot of great friends from the chat room. They are dear friends to me and has been an unexpected bonus to being with the site. Thank you!

I met her here after only 2 weeks of using your site. She had sent me a flirt before which I ignored. She however happend to catch me online and IM'd me. We chatted for a while and I asked her out for that week. I canceled all my other dates for a couple of weeks that I got from here and we have been dating with prospect of marriage now for 3 months. Thanks

We met on LDSSingles. We messaged about a couple of days, then exchanged Facebook info and started to chat there. Then we exchanged phone numbers and we started to talk and it went from there. Now I am going to California to meet her parents and get engaged. At first I did not give this web much credit but I was wrong, it works.

I didn't believe in dating online and never thought that I would meet someone in this way. I've never had a problem getting dates, but after dating and becoming friends with the guys in my singles ward the "pool" was getting very shallow. A friend of mine from my singles ward talked me into joining with her. She said at least we'll get some good dating stories out of it and it will be fun to talk to each other about our experiences. It was the weekend of general conference and I saw a lot of advertisements for LDS Singles. I called her up and asked if she noticed the amount of advertisements, she replied "yes" and told me she just singed up. So I signed up that day as well. I went on occasionally, but nothing really sparked my interest. In my head I was thinking "online dating is a waste of time". It was the last week before my subscription ran out and he messaged me. He is the most considerate and respectful guy I have ever met, not to mention I find him very attractive. Coming from the south that is saying a lot. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have found him and he feels the same way. Now when my single friends ask me how I met such a great guy, I encourage them to join LDS Singles.

Thank You!

leslee_labefacto & skippernoa

I was using ldssingles and dating a little bit, but never found anyone really special, mostly just dating for fun. Then I got a message from a guy who lives in Florida. I thought it was kinda funny he was sending me a message since we live so far apart. So I told him that it was nice and he sent me a message. I thought that we would probably never actually get to meet. He sent a message back and said that the distance didn't matter, and that I seemed nice and he really wanted to get to know me. So we kept sending messages, then eventually gave each other our numbers and started talking on the phone. We just clicked. Once we called each other we never went another day without talking to each other. After we had been talking for a couple of weeks we started skyping, and then after about a month and a half of talking he flew out to Utah to meet me in person. He was here for five days, and on the third day he proposed and I said yes! He is the most amazing man I have ever met, and I'm so happy that I have him in my life. I never would have met him without this website, so thanks ldssingles!

I met Spencer on LDSSingles. I believe the first day I e-mailed him onLDSSingles was July 28th, 2011. His username was
drugstorecowboy and mine was elisechristine.

What originally drew me to his profile was that it was simple and direct. He had just a few describing words: Uncle, cowboy, fire fighter, etc. There was a picture of him on a horse, and though I'm technically a "city girl," there's something about a man on a horse that demands my attention. A man on a horse, wearing a cowboy hat, who also happens to be a fire fighter at that! haha I later found out that his sister was the one who created his profile for him, but when he got the email from LDSSingles he was curious to see who had messaged him. When he saw my photo and my profile, he was
even more curious, and caved and read my e-mail.

From there, messages flew back and forth, eventually going to personal e-mail. He was on the fires in Texas last summer and didn't get a day off for about a month, so we communicated as often as possible. On top of our nightly hours-long phone conversations, I have roughly 600 e-mails from him. After approximately two months of phone/e-mail communication, I informed him that I was coming to Utah to attend General Conference for the first time (October 2011). We decided I would extend my trip, he would pick me up from Salt Lake after Conference was over, and bring me back home to Holden (where he lives). I stayed with his parents for a week, and we spent every moment together. The time flew by, and I knew I wanted to spend more and more time with him, with each passing day! Fire season was over by this time, and since he's seasonal, he takes the winter off. So we flew back and forth to see each other about once a month. We spent two wonderful weeks together at Christmas time, during which we got to spend time with both of
our families. Spent Christmas eve with my family in Canada, and then on Christmas day, flew back to Utah to spend the following week with his parents and all of his siblings families down in St George! We even got to take a quick trip to Vegas, where I had never been! :)

Shortly after I went home on January 1st, 2012, Spencer left again for Texas to work at the Fort Worth stock show/rodeos. He was there for 6 weeks, the longest 6 weeks of my life!!! But only 2 days after getting back home to Utah, he flew up to see me just in time for Valentine's Day. He actually spent two whole weeks with me in Canada, and on February 23rd (just 3 days ago) he PROPOSED!!!!! I promised you a success story, so here is the e-mail I wrote to my extended family, sharing with them my exciting news

President Leavitt (my Branch President) and I have a pretty close relationship, because he's helped me along my journey re-entering the YSA after my divorce. Anyway, he is quite successful...he owns a highly profitable heavy machinery company. Spencer had met him once or twice. Well, we stopped by the Church on Wednesday evening to say hello to him.The next thing I know, Spencer and him are chatting privately in his office. Roughly 45 mins passes before Spencer finally emerges and simply says "Ok, let's go!" Naturally I was curious to know what they had been talking about all that time, so Spencer casually tells me on the way home that President Leavitt is quite the story teller and just couldn't get out of his office. I believe this because the truth is, President Leavitt really IS a story teller...a very good one at that.

So the next morning, I asked Spencer what he wanted to do, and he said he just wanted to relax. SO, around 1:30 in the afternoon, I'm getting antsy and want to go do something. I suggest hiking Othello Tunnels, because it was turning out to be the ONLY day during his visit that it wasn't raining and the sun was actually shining! All he says is...."eh." Clearly he didn't feel like going anywhere. Another hour of sitting around, and me complaining about wasting the day, he finally says "Ok, go get ready! We have to be in Langley at 3:30." Firstly I was confused about the fact that HE had plans for us, and secondly, I had 45 MINS to get completely ready and be in Langley (which is another city, 30 mins away). And anyone who knows me, knows it's practically impossible for me to go from pajamas to presentable in 20 mins. However, somehow we managed to arrive in Langley just 10 mins late. Not too bad!

Spencer drove, and we ended up at President Leavitt's house. He comes up to the car, and tells us to follow him in his vehicle, so we do. We soon pull into a private hangar located somewhere along the edge of the Fraser River, with the Golden Ears mountain located directly in front of us. I mentioned to Spencer what a beautiful view it was. President Leavitt gets out of his car, says to me "I hope you're not afraid of helicopters!" as the hangar door opens, and he proceeds to introduce us to his personal pilot. And his personal helicopter.

President Leavitt then leaves without saying anything further, and the next thing I know, I'm in the front seat of a helicopter heading towards the Golden Ears mountain. We flew up around the mountains, covered completely in snow, which was absolutely breathtaking. There were snow covered lakes up there, which were beautiful, and the pilot informed us that it would take 4 days just to hike up to one of these lakes in the summer. I knew these were views I might not have ever seen, even if I were to live my entire life in British Columbia. At one point, he actually landed the helicopter on a snow covered peak, which provided an amazing view with the sun shining behind it. Then we flew along a river in some mountains which were lower in elevation, so there was no snow. There was an old wooden bridge up ahead, and the pilot asked if we'd like to see him land on it, to which we obviously said "YES!". So he did, which was way cool! The pilot then said we could get out and walk along the bridge, as he wanted to just take a few photos real quick. Then, as Spencer and I were standing there on the bridge, taking in the views of the mountains and the river rushing beneath us, Spencer says to me "Do you remember what I told you when we first met?" Naturally I thought that could have been anything! So I said "No?" (haha)....He continues, "I told you that your future husband and children were going to be very lucky"......"Well, I want that guy to be me. I want to be your husband." He gets down on his knee, presents me with the
most beautiful ring I've ever seen, and asks me to marry him!!!!

The pilot conveniently happened to be hiding nearby, and took a few photos of the proposal. The whole thing was absolutely perfect, and the ring is blew me away. We then flew back over the city of Vancouver, and landed back at the hangar an hour and a half later, with a BEAUTIFUL ring on my finger!

7 months ago, I joined LDSSingles and started talking to a cowboy fire fighter from Utah. Who knew that in those 7 months I would fly thousands of miles, send hundreds of emails, spend countless hours on the phone, fall in love, and become engaged to marry that same cowboy fire fighter!

We haven't set a date yet, but we are planning for late April/early May of this year. In approximately two months I will be getting married and moving to Utah, and I couldn't be HAPPIER. All because on July 28th, 2011, amongst thousands of online profiles, I saw HIS profile, and sent him a message. CRAZY!

Thanks so much!


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