Success Stories: 2012
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I had a wonderful experience getting to know many gentlemen both locally and long distance, but I was ready to take a break after 6 months. Unbeknownst to me, autopay signed me up for another month which is the "grace period" when I met my future husband! Makes me wonder "what if" ? I'm a pretty firm believer in what's Meant To Be and though it seemed like a mistake at the time, I'll be forever grateful how the story ended!

Anthony and I met on LDS singles and in a short time knew that we were made for each other We were able to move at a comfortable pace for us since we are both divorced and have kids. Without LDS singles we would never been able to meet from two different ends of the country. We found everything we were looking for in a spouse and are happy to have finallly found one another

I hadn't had any success with dating and I never had success with online dating, but a friend of mine challenged me to post my profile on so I did. I didn't pay for anything at first. About a month or so went by and nothing happened, and then I received an e-mail. So I decided I would pay for one month so I could get the e-mail. We started communicating back and forth via e-mail and then he asked me to meet him in person. Since then these past few months or so have been absolutely wonderful! We are now getting ready to plan our wedding! So excited and so happy! Thank you, ldssingles for being there! Without this site, I would not be typing this.

I had no desire to join an online dating site. The last time I was single there was no internet dating. A friend finally convinced me that "its just how people meet nowadays." At first I tried one of the popular sites seen in national advertising, and it wasn't for me. I knew that I wanted to share my faith with whomever would be by new companion, so I decided to only join I was truly amazed by the site and the overall experience. I am now getting married to the most amazing woman I've ever met. I don't know how it would have been possible without Thanks for teaching an "old dog" new tricks. I will wholeheartedly recommend the site to anyone looking for an LDS companion.


So I had tried this online datting thing and it had not worked so I decided to give it a break for a while. Not even that was working out so I got advice from others to try it again and so I did and that is where I met my boy friend, Caleb. He started that whole process and it is headed in the right direction thanks to the inspiration of the holy ghost. I am grateful to my father in heaven for sending my true love! I really beleive that although this may not be for everyone, it can work with the right help!

kjade & zchops86

I was 'old' by Provo terms, working in a busy software company, and
graduated from college---meeting normal LDS guys was getting more
difficult. I was skeptical of online dating, but my boss made me a bet
that if I was single by Cinco de Mayo, he was going to make a profile for
me on ldssingles, where he had met his wife. Sure enough, the day came and
he had started making a profile for me and signed me up for 6 months. I
took over the task and put some pictures on with little hope...but after a
while I started going out with a lot of different guys that were actually
impressive! At one point I even decided I was really ready to get married
and had a lunch and dinner date every day for two weeks!

I started to get burned out and was going to let my profile sit, when I saw
Zac's profile after my boss had made an advanced search for me with
different specifications he knew were important to me (e.g. tall, college
degree, etc.) I sent Zac a flirt (which he still reminds me of to this
day) and we started messaging. He was in Colorado for an internship with
the U.S. Olympics, so he had joined because there weren't many LDS girls
out there and he was ready to find someone. Right off the bat I could see
a difference with Zac. His messages had good questions in it, he was
personable, and obviously smart. Different from all the other messages I
would get from different guys, or the dumb pick-up lines I would get in my
singles ward. We started talking in July and I patiently waited until he
was coming back in September. Meanwhile, we talked about our families,
hobbies, jobs and I was really starting to like him (which was funny to me
because we had never met!)

The first week of September, when he was supposed to be back in UT, came and
went and I didn't hear from him...I was so disappointed. I was seeing
another guy from the site, and came home after a date and prayed, asking
Heavenly Father to help me because I was doing all I could do on my end and
still hadn't found someone (and meanwhile Zac was in the back of my mind
the whole time). While I was on my knees, my phone buzzed--it was Zac! He
apologized for being MIA for 2 weeks (I guess he had gotten nervous to call
me) and we met at a Thai restaurant, and the rest is history. It was the
best first date I had been on, and I couldn't stop thinking about him!
Things moved quickly and our chemistry was so strong. He makes me laugh,
he has good relationships with his family and friends, he's driven and
ambitious. I'm actually grateful to my boss for putting me on
LDSSingles---it's changed my life! Zac and I are getting married in the SLC
Temple on February 11, 2012...just says before our 5 month anniversary.


LDS singles allowed us to meet over the miles. It provided a great forum to say hello and then start to get to know each other. He was in Texas and then Nevada and I am here in Utah. I can't think of any other way we could have crossed paths. Thank you for the help in bringing about such great happiness and joy.

I met my now to-be husband here and honestly, I never thought I'd be one of "those" people. I had trouble dating in my area due to lack of eligable young men, so I got online... We met in November 2011 and are getting married July 2012. He's a wonderful man and we're a perfect match.

I was a widow of four children. Upon entering LDS Singles and filling out the profile and compass information my new sweetheart was able to find my four children and I to which ALL five of us have been fallling in love with! She is the most amazing women that fills our hearts with joy. I didn't think it was going to be possible to find someone that would make me feel as loved as I do, but through LDS Singles the impossible became possible. Thank you LDS Singles for helping me find my new eternal comanion.

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