Success Stories: 2012
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I was not having very much luck with the regular dating methods. So I decided to try online dating and found After about a month of the free membership I decided to fully activate my account. Within two weeks a girl whom I am now engaged to messaged me. She saw that I had served my mission in her town and chatted with me. It turns out I knew most of her friends in her town. That was the great part. The funny part was that her friends thought it would be great if my now fiance would meet me in Utah and then get married to me lol. And that's exactly what happened. It wasn't the whole love at first sight kind of thing. Which was great, because we grew to love each other. When I asked her to marry me, she was kind of shocked because she never thought she would marry a "college guy." Well we let things progress and now have a date set to be sealed for all time and eternity in August of 2012!

He messaged me several times and my subscription was expiring so I gave him my email so we could get to know each other. I was asking a friend who attended a singles ward if he knew of any single guys and he mentioned the name of my now fiance whom I was emailing at the time. So he set it up for us to meet and the rest is history. He is the man of my dreams and treats me how a daughter of Heavenly Father should be treated. We are planning to get married in the temple this fall. The site made it possible to meet people even though I have three kids and work all the time. Thanks!

Brannan and I met on here. I was just checking my messages and I noticed a messege from him and I was going to ignore it, but I had a feeling that I needed to go back and talk to him. Right now he is in Korea with the U.S. Army and when he gets home we are going to get engaged. We talk all the time now and I can't imagine life without him in it.

We were both very skeptical about actually meeting someone online. We met and both instantly knew that we were right for each other and we would have never met without LDSSingles. Thank you!

A user messaged me and we began corresponding. After about a week we decided to meet. A week later we were dating and a month later we were talking marriage and soon thereafter got engaged. Now we are planning on getting married in June!! He is my perfect match, and I met him here on LDSsingles.

Thank you so very much, I owe it all to God. What makes him so wounderful is he's real and a Godly man who has not been taken down by sin like the ones I have had in my past.. Also my only child (SON ) met his love on the site in February and they're getting married 4/20/2012 just in a few weeks. She's wounderful; an answer to my prayers for my son who has never had a loving Godly woman like he found on this site... God bless all of you who help in the aid by God to bring people together... Victoria1

From the moment I received the first email from my (now) husband I knew that this man was different. Long before we ever met in person, friends and family commented on how different I seemed, how happy I was. They teased me when I shared the combination of qualities he had- I must be making him up they said. As we have begun our lives together I marvel that this is now my life! I had stopped believing that I could have it all, that I didn't have to settle.
I know that life doesn't remain in the 'honeymoon' stage forever and that's why I was impressed very early on with how he had handled the challenges life had dealt him. I continue to feel blessed as we navigate a blending of families and the gifts he has for creating a seemingly seamless transition for all of us. I've received my fairy tale prince, the one I was afraid to even hope existed anymore. Our family is living a rich and blessed life, strong the foundation of love and respect. Thank you for being the vehicle to our meeting and creating the first chapters our our fairy tale.

He found me and I responded to him. We exchanged a few messages, then talked on the phone and then skype. We have so many things in common, we fell in love with each other within a week. I do not recomend this to everyone, but we prayed a good deal about us being together and know in our hearts that this is right. I feel that I have found the love of my life, we will be married in the temple.

My fiance and I both had crazy schedules and didn't have time to get out and meet people. We both set up accounts on LDSSingles and began messaging each other. We hit it off great. By the second date we knew we would be getting married. If it wasn't for this site I never would have met my soul mate.

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