Success Stories: 2012
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After a year of not meeting anyone on LDSsingles, I was about to unsubscribe, when I got a message from someone. We sent a few messages back and forth, then met and really hit it off. He was the first person from the site that I met in person. He was only on the site a few weeks before he met me. He is the most amazing man I've met and we fit so well together. I'm so glad I stuck with the website just a little longer.

I met my fiancee on LDSSingles Online in late March 2012, after the General Conference, which emphasized families and youth. My fiancee filled our her profile during session breaks. I saw it on Monday after the Conference and contacted her. We met on April 7, and got engaged on May 15. We are truly happy to be joining our lives for eternity.

Over one year ago, I was new to the LDSSingles website, and to the single adult dating world. LDSSingles allowed me to browse through 'potentials' easily and save a wasted date because most of the important information was posted on profiles. I first read my Fiance's profile and was intrigued by his words. We began chatting on LDSSingles, continued through e-mail and phone. We met in person shortly thereafter, dated for almost a year, and are now heading to happily ever after as a wedded couple.

We met through LDSSingles, started dating and the rest is history! He lives pretty far from the city I live in. I would've never met him if it hadn't been for LDSSingles:)

I met profile member greenlisa on ldssingles. We decided to go on a date. Neither of us expected more than that. I picked Lisa up at about 7:00. We started talking as we left the door and we didn't stop talking till about 3:00 am. I new halfway through our date that I never wanted to lose contact with Lisa. I knew at the very least I had a friend for life. We have spoken or seen each other every day since then. The more we know each other the more we fall in love. We want to get married in the Twin Falls temple. We are extremely happy to have found each other.

I was really hesitant at first to get into the online dating thing. I felt like it wasn't really my thing, but I was busy in school and didn't really have any opportunities to meet girls with the same standards. The profile comparison helped me see who at least had similar interests, and then I happened upon someone who was honest and sincere about who she was. We immediately hit it off and we both included the Lord in our relationship to make sure we weren't wasting each others time. I never would have met my best friend and the most wonderful woman I've ever met without this website. I thank the Lord for it. It worked!

I met my soon to be wife by a fluke. One day I did a search with no geographical limit and I was breezing through the vast amounts of profiles and the hometown of this lovely lady caught my eye because it was a small neighboring town of a place I lived over 10 years ago. I wrote her three times and she wrote back very briefly each time and then asked me to call her. I didn’t know how to read this because it was just a little odd asking to call so quickly, I had no idea what to think. But there was only one way to find out; I called and she is a fantastic lovely lady. She does not like e-mail or texting; she wants to hear a voice. Well, the rest is history. We have talked every night since that first call and what a blessing and answer to many many prayers. So my advice, take the risk cause you never know. Thank you LDSSingles!

I met my soul mate on and was very pleased with the quality and professionalism of the program. I would recommended it any one interested in finding their soul mate!

I waited all my life for someone special and too many Utah guys kept blowing me off so I went to another LDS dating site and had no luck even though there were more guys available in my state. One weekend I could not get into the other site and called and they didn't know why either; so I went back to and within a day I met my one and only! I feel the spirit inspired me to come back in to this site. He's only a state away NOT from Utah and such a wonderful guy! He is sweet, loving, kind, a pilot, a teacher, LDS, and more. I fell in love from the moment I heard his kind voice. We quickly hit it off. He flies his plane over to see me and he is so romantic!!!!!!

From a Swedish girl

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