Success Stories: 2012
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What can I say, but I am so grateful for a singles connection that worked. I was skeptical, but when I started receiving flirts I decided to pay for a month membership. One month led to another three months, and now, only six months after I first paid for a membership I am engaged to be married to a man who loves me unconditionally. He spoke of his determination to find a woman that the Lord directed him to...he used this site to accomplish that goal. To me it was an experiment that worked, to him it was a commitment to change...and I am so glad that the two of us could figure it out...he would have never have gotten to know me without a site like this (Of this I am sure) So, thank you and please anyone reading this...give the Lord the reins...let Him direct your path and honestly look at yourself first so that you are prepared for the person that the Lord has for you. Always, always put your hand in His and let him direct your will work if you do. Most important, find a way to be a complete person before you happy alone. Then when you find the person you fall in love with, it is just an extension of that happiness.

Good luck can happen...if it did for me it can happen for anybody.

I had been on and off this site for about four years. I had just reactivated my account for one last try when my fiance, mtnmax6, viewed my profile. It was his first week on the site. I sent a flirt that said "Hi". After a few email exchanges we had our first chat conversation that lasted over four hours. We exchanged numbers and set up our first date for the following week. All I can say is WOW! The connection was amazing and everyday for the last 3 1/2 months have been wonderful! We are planning on getting married in the fall of this year. Thank you LDSSO!

I met Melissa on back in January 2012. We met this past weekend and are doing well. Plans are to be together and maybe get married in the up coming year!



I met someone in the same stake as me and he lives about an hour away. We are becoming close friends and also dating. I don't know where this will go, but so far it is good. :) We have been out many times and had many phone conversations. There is great potential here.


I was on the site for well over two years and was beginning to think this wasn't going anywhere. When out of there blue a guy contacted me on IM. Now normally I didn't just talk to some random person who contacts me on IM but this guy was sort of local and from a town where I had visited the Temple, so before I even had the chance to think twice I was typing away. It went amazingly well and we seemed to have so much to talk about so much in fact that we set up a time to talk again the next evening. I thought I'd better read this guys profile before we talked again. The profile was truly awful! It was only half done and what was there wasn't very good. But now the "date" had been set up I had to talk to the guy. Well bad profile or not we talked and talked and the we talked some more. Over the next weeks we began talking on the phone and then we decided it was time to meet up. That first meeting was the beginning of an amazing courtship that has led to marriage. I guess my recommendation to others looking to find someone on the LDS Singles site is: Don't worry too much about the profile. You have to go with what feels right even if it doesn't look too promising from the outset. We are very happy and feel so very blessed that we where able to find each other. If we look at our lives it's very unlikely we would ever have met up. This site truly came to the rescue. Just go ahead and take a chance on someone :)


I met Headlight48 and we dated a few times. He is very special to me and now we are getting married! I am recommending that any LDS single person who is looking for a companion to use this site.

I met this guy after just a few mail back and forth. He put all of his focus on me from day one and just became a part of my life without even having to tell him. He started helping me and spending all his time with me. I had looked for three years and married a guy I thought was the one just to be left after one month. I gave him five chances in a year. Re-married him and became pregnant. I was his only wife and am having his only child. He went back to his life as a 17 year old at 40.

I decided I wouldn't date. That I would just wait for the right guy to come along and I think he has.
Leon and I have had similar experiences and many things in common. I grew up landscaping and his dad owned a nursery. We are both athletic and runners. I have been owner/ builder twice and in real estate investing. He is a flooring and tile guy and has done remodeling of investment properties as well. I have never been accepted for who I am despite choices in my past of settling for less than worthy of me. We are currently living in the same city but would have never met without this site. Since I am six months pregnant I was not going to any events. He has definitely been an answer to my prayers and I am to his as well. Thank you!

Robert was one of the very first people to make contact with me. I believe I was on LDS Singles maybe 2 days. He flirted with me, I checked out his profile and realized that the pictures that were posted in Canada were places that I use to go to when I was a little girl. He lives in the same town in Canada that My mother was raised in. That drew me at first. His profile was very clear on what he wanted, It freaked me out a bit at first but ultimately I was attracted to the profile. I flirted back and within 24 hours I felt it was ok to give him my phone number. It was totally a feeling that I followed. He called on a Friday as I was driving to Idaho. We talked for the full three hours. It was the easiest conversation I have ever had with someone that I didn't know. We talked the next day. On the way back to Utah on Sunday we talked the entire time again. We have talked everyday since then. He found a way to come to Utah to spend 10 days with me and my family. We went through every feeling and scenario possible during that 10 days. Robert was amazing and available to help me work through some very difficult things. This is from this wonderful man that I barely new. We have been able to share dreams and desires and vision through the internet. He lives in Canada and I live in Utah but we have become masters at Cyber Dating and are now working on our living arrangements so that we can be married soon. I am so grateful to LDS Singles for being there to bring Robert and I together. I would have never found this amazing man clear up in Canada with out LDS Singles. I am ETERNALLY GRATEFUL.

My name is Cheryl. I wanted to thank you for allowing me the opportunity to find my soul mate. I really did not think it was possible, I tried this site 3 years ago with little success. I am a single mother of three children and was finding it difficult to find someone open and understanding of my past. My faith in my Father in Heaven's love for me has been confirmed again by this treasure I have found. There is no other way I could have met my now fiance, other than thru I am so glad that I did not give up because I have found the man that I have dreamed about since I was a little girl, dreaming of her prince charming. We have not set a date yet, because he lives in Sweden, and I here in the US. As soon as we can make it possible, to come together, we will make official our engagement and prepare to be sealed in the temple. We are preparing by reading the institute manual, Eternal Marriage. Thank you again for facilitating and fulfilling my dream come true!!

Now the happiest woman on Earth, Cheryl

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