We never thought we could be this happy and are so excited for our future.
las19 & riverrunner87

Our initial contact was the evening of Monday, September 5th. I had previously looked at his profile, as it showed as one of my "quick picks". I didn't send him a message or flirt because I honestly thought he was too good looking to even give me a chance. However, Monday evening he sent me a chat request. We didn't talk long, but he asked if we could get together Thursday evening (9/8). I agreed and we texted here and there during the week.

Thursday came along, and I had told him I'm home from work by 4:30 and we could get together anytime after 6:30. I hadn't heard from him at all and figured he'd changed his mind about meeting up. I was pretty much fed up with dating and had decided to take a break, my date with Christian would be my last for a while, so I wasn't too upset with the idea that he'd blown me off. He ended up calling at 6:45 asking if we were still on, we'd apparently had a miscommunication. I was kind of hesitant to meet up with him since our plans were thrown off, but figured I'd give it a shot. We ended up meeting at Fat Cats for bowling and later baked some dessert at my place, our first date lasted five hours.

Our story is very different, we met September 8th and were married Tuesday September 13th, technically making it our fourth date. Both Christian and I have had a couple of failed engagements in the past, so knew exactly what we were looking for in a spouse. Christian knew by the end of the first date that he wanted to marry me, but I didn't realize I wanted to marry him until we were joking around Monday night (9/12) and blurted out, "We should just elope in Vegas". We stared at each other in shock for a few minutes and then started talking about how feasible it would be. That night, we packed our bags and drove to Vegas. We got married in a little chapple on the strip and plan on getting sealed in the St. George temple.

Nothing has ever felt so right. Even on the long drive, there were no feelings of doubt or worry. I'm the type of person that takes 20 minutes to pick out a zester at Bed Bath & Beyond, but deciding to marry Christian was the easiest decision I've ever made. We never thought we could be this happy and are so excited for our future. I am now I believer of love at first sight. When you know, you know.

Thanks so much!


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