My profile was working even though I wasn't.
FunnyStory & Corey41
FunnyStory & Corey41

Just wanted to share our success story. My husband and I met on LDSSingles online. At the time, I wondered if people found success here or not, and read some of the success stories. I read some of the stories to see if it really worked for people. Well, it does. We dated for a little over a year and have been married for seven.

I'm so glad that I tried it out. What I like about LDSSO is that your profile is available 24 hours a day. Unlike the dating scene where you can only meet people when you are out and about, with LDSSO, someone could find me even while I'm sleeping. My profile was working even though I wasn't.

The other tip I have is to give people a shot. Sometimes a person might contact you, and you think that there is no way that you'd be interested; I recommend that you give them a shot anyway. (Opposites attract.) When my (now) husband first contacted me, I wasn't even sure that I should write him back. (For some reason, he put a picture on his profile of himself after several days of camping ... well a fellow just looks a bit rough around the edges after a few days in the wilderness.) In spite of the photo, I got a reassuring feeling that things would work out. They have; we have a good marriage and two great children. If you are wondering if you should sign up, I say: "Go for it."

PS This tip may not work for everyone. Be open minded, but trust your instincts, too.

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