Success Stories: 2011
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warrenb & ajoyinzion

I sent Joy a Flirt May 2009. All I knew was that I had a good feeling
about her profile and I simply had that good feeling, so I sent it off.
To my surprise, she responded and we began to chat using the LDS Singles
messenger. We kept in touch and talked online and on the phone for
about 6 months or so. After that six months, we decided to meet.

This was a bit of a challenge since she lived in Utah at the time and I
lived in Kentucky. However, we kept our resolve and in November 2009,
Joy made it out to KY to meet me. Despite the small town, small branch
and long distances to get anywhere it was love at first sight between
us. After she went home, we still used the LDS Singles messenger and
the telephone to keep contact.

Then I got that feeling, it was time. I went to meet her family in
California in February 2010. I was amazed at the difference of places.
What people in CA call small town I would've thought of as a large
city. Add in the fact that despite being February, I could wear shorts
and a t-shirt and still be sweating to what they considered cold
weather. Despite that, we were nearby a city called Oakland, which some
may know has a temple. Being a big decision to consider, we thought it
best to go to a session to get some advice. After the session, we were
sitting in the Celestial Room and I began to pray. Was this truly the
woman to be my wife? Was it time that I finally took that step? YES,
it was! The confirmation I got ran through my entire body and, very
quietly (we were still in the Celestial Room after all) I asked her
right there "Would you marry me? To my delight and happiness she said yes.

Both families were delighted that we would be taking that step, and I
made sure that no matter what, we would be married in the temple. With
all of our planning, we set a date for August 2010. On August 6, 2010
we then married in the Saint Louis Temple.

She lived in Utah and I Kentucky. Without the wonderful services your
website provided, we would never have met. Joy actually wasn't looking
for anyone outside of Utah, but due to the wonderful experience with the
website in the past, she decided to give me a shot. For me, being in a
small town in a rural place, there simply wasn't that many women I could
even consider dating. A good friend in my branch had mentioned this
site before and after having terrible luck otherwise, I decided to give
it a chance. Needless to say, we are both very grateful we gave your
website a chance. Our Father in Heaven works in mysterious ways and you
always have to keep your eyes open. Because if you don't, you never
know what a great opportunity you may miss.

Thank you LDS Singles for your website and all the services you provide,
me and my eternal companion are eternally grateful for them.



davidhburris & livegracefully

It was all her fault! I was looking for someone local, or at least in the same state in which I currently lived. I was in California. Little did I know that "livegracefully", from Arkansas, had something different in mind. It was Jan. 18th, 2011 that I signed on to my account and found that I had a message in my inbox from someone other than admin. Up til that time I hadn't paid a subscription fee. I couldn't look at this message without so doing. My curiosity got the better of me and I paid $15 for a month of full membership (best investment of my life, by the way). I read the message and, without really knowing what it was about it, wrote back. Things from that point went very quickly! Over the course of the next 2 weeks we exchanged 25 messages on ldssingles and thousands of texts! I first called on Feb 1st and from that time forward, with the exception of 2 or 3 nights, we talked for no less than an hour every night! It is now July 6 and we have come together and are going to the Columbus, Ohio temple to be sealed for time and all eternity in 2 days! The day after our wedding, there is a family reunion! I can think of no better way to be welcomed into the family than this! She is the most amazing woman ever!

-davidhburris and livegracefully

0049 had been on LDSSO on and off for years. One day, while she was living in Japan, she saw that Iwasframed, in Utah, had looked at her profile. His profile was irresistible, so she sent him a flirt. He responded with an email and they exchanged emails and phone calls for the next 6 months until 0049 moved back to Utah. They met in person the day after she arrived in country and began dating. After a year of "real time" dating, they are getting married on July 30, 2011.

I found Dan and I fell in love with him the second I saw his picture and read his profile. I took a chance and met up with him and the rest was history! I fell more in love with him everyday after and I'm so grateful to have met him and to have him for the rest of my eternal life. I LOVE YOU DAN!!!

I met a girl named Danielle. She was the one who said hello first using the instant messenger. She's perfect! The one I was looking for. We met up a few times and hit it off. We have the same likes, dislikes, and are crazy about each other. Thanks LDSSingles!!!!!!

Brian was a match that ranked "very high" with the compass matching and I knew by his picture he was wonderful man. We knew after the first date that lasted 6 hrs that we were meant for each other. We dated for 2 weeks when we both decidied that marriage was for us. Thanks for leading me to him.

The Story of US!

It all started on the evening of April 29th 2011. I, Whitny, having been completely fed up with the dating scene had also almost given up hope on online dating as well. But this evening searching through hundreds of men's profiles, I came across one I had not seen before. On page 32 there he was, his name is Cody. And to my surprise he ended up being exactly what I had been looking for and so much more. Thanks to your online dating site and some help from the lord I found the man that I want to spend the rest of my life with. Now to some this might sound crazy because we have only known each other for a short while. But, he is the answer to my prayers! I'm so very happy and grateful we found one another and I don't see how we would have crossed paths if it wasn't for us both being brave enough to try your site! So thank you so much for helping make me the happiest girl in the world by helping me find my knight in shining armor!

Now from his side,
I must say I was skeptical about online dating also. I didn't ever strugle finding dates, but I was tired of playing games. I didn't expect to find some one so down to earth and real, and so good looking at the same time, especially online. I have to give her the credit because she sent me the first message, but I'm so glad she did. She is exactly what I have been looking for all of these years and the only way we would have ever met is through you dating service.

Thanks again!


Cody and Whitny

I was driving with my partners to Saint George when I got bored with conversations and decided to crawl in the back seat to review the profiles of my favorite LDS Singles ladies.

I sent real mesages to them, not "whats up" or "I would like to get to know you"...real meaning, I told them about my self, where I was from, my family and what I liked about there profiles. Of the ladies that responded was the lady that I am now married to. We have been married now for a year and we still express our gratitude for one another in words and affection.

I have found my best friend. We do everything together, we express feelings that have never been felt before, we laugh and cry together, we travel, play and work together. I'm not kidding, we are equally motivated to be together.


We were both members of LDS Singles. We emailed each other for a while, then eventually we started talking. Then we decided to meet (we live in different states), and we continued to visit each other. During the 3rd visit we got engaged. LDS Singles definitely helped us find each other. Thank you very much LDS Singles.

Take care.

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