Success Stories: 2011
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Her Story:

My new husband is the greatest guy ever. He was on LdsSingles for ten long years and I was only on for two days by the time we met. What a true blessing this web site has been to our lives. We have been married now for over a year and were sealed in the Salt Lake City Temple. We now are expecting our first child together. It;s a Boy!!! We owe it all to the Gospel and to LdsSingles.Com, Thanks for every thing...

His Story:

I JP (endgame86) and Alumita (Try1ns) have been very happily married for over a year now and we are expecting our first child together. We used this web site to the fullest extent and were sealed in the Salt Lake City Temple for eternity. We owe it all to the gospel and to this web site. Thank you very much

Hi. I just want to thank you for the site. The day before I paid, Feb 11, a fine lady sent me a message. Then I paid on Feb 12th to be able to communicate with her. I flirted with a couple of other sisters but the Holy Ghost said to me quite distinctively, the only one I should focus on is that first one, so I did. We have been dating ever since. Although we are not yet engaged, I see it going that way before too long.

Thanks again for sending me on the fast track to a wonderful worthy woman who loves the Lord as much as I do.




I tell everyone that I met my soulmate on line! I have been dating and searching for the man that fits me so well I feel he is my match in everyway. I didn't believe he was out there, but after 2 years of dating I found him! I couldn't be happier!

My name is Julianne. My fiance and I, Shawn met on your site Shawn messaged me first and he didnt think anything about it, because he was signing up with his dad, his dad didn't want to be the only one. He sent me a message, but he didnt think that I would give him the time of day. I wrote him back and we just hit it off. After a few messgages I told Shawn to text me. We texted 24/7 (it was ALL the time). We talked everyday for three to four hours a night. We keeped talking and texting for about a year. We wanted to meet each other soon. Since he lived in California and I lived in Idaho, we made arrangments to meet and I met him at a BK in my town and we went to my house and he made me dinner. He stayed for a couple days and went back to California. We keeped talking for another year and I wanted him to move to Idaho with me. After three months of talking he moved here on March 13 2010. He lived here for a year and two months. Right now he is working in California and will be back on Aug 4th for our wedding on Aug 6th. I then will be moveing to California with him after the wedding and will be working on getting married in the temple soon. We never thought that we would find our partner online. We love each other and will be happly married soon.

Julianne & Shawn

He was already on ldssingles with little success and ready to quit, but he decided to go one more month. I decided to join that very month. That's when he found me and we've been happy ever since. When people ask how we met, I proudly say, "". Thanks ldssingles!

I met a girl out fof the blue. She made first contact. I prayed if I should ask her out. After that first date, I prayed for further conformation about how tou approach the situation and what I might expect. Through much praying an overwhelming revelation came unto me that this is the girl who will some day be my eternal companion.

I was just about to cancel my subscription when I met Megan. And hers was already expired. I viewed her profile, and was very interested, but decided that the distance was too great for anything to come of it (She lived in Boise, I lived near Rexburg)...So I didn't message her. However, she saw that I had viewed her profile and sent me a flirt, which was the only thing she could do with her expired subscription. I sent her a message back, and created quite a dilemma for her.

She had just decided that she was finished dating for a while and that she was going to serve a mission. It would cost 16 dollars just to read my message, and she didn't even know what would come of it. Needless to say...she paid the 16 dollars.

We were best friends almost immediately and by the time I made the 300 mile trip to Boise to meet her we already knew everything about each other.

We had a great first date together and began commuting back and forth across the state, until I moved over to Boise to be closer to her. We have been having nonstop adventures ever since and will be getting married in under two weeks now.

And we plan on living adventurously every after...

I knew she was right for me within 10 seconds of reading her profile. Everything clicked in person, just like I felt it would. We are getting married in November. We couldn't be happier. Ten years of being a single dad, thinking I'd never marry again, and here I go.

I happened upon my fiance by sending a flirt to many cute prospective guys! We did the usual sending of messages, then texting, and talking on the phone before we met in a public place for the first time. We have been inseparable ever since. Dating and having kids is difficult to say the least.We would never have met had it not been for this website. Couldn't have found a better match. So happy and admittedly surprised that online dating worked for us :-)

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