Success Stories: 2011
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I never thought I would find someone like Rob. We clicked instantly and I knew that I wanted to meet him in person. We met in person and just a few days later we were officially a couple! :) I couldn't be happier and I know he would say the same. We are now in love and growing each day together. I'm grateful that I used a paid membership, because if I hadn't, I wouldn't have met Rob. Thanks!

I was totally inspired to get online, and so was my man. We met within the first week of me being on there and had an instant connection. There was something different about him, and this website I feel cuts through the superficial stuff and gets to the good, real, authentic parts of what a relationship really means. Our first date was pure magic and we both went home and told our families that we could see ourselves ending up with the other. I am SO not the move fast type and don't fall fast, but we both knew that this was something different and special. We continued to date, and each time fell more and more in love. We love the same activities, have the same life goals and beliefs, and are the best of friends in the world. He really is the best man I have ever known and I will forever be grateful and an advocate to this site for linking me up with someone I never otherwise would have met. We are getting married in February and are happier beyond anything I can express. I haven't seen a relationship like this one in a long time and I wish people would be patient and trust in this process because it does work! Good luck everyone, love is out there, just be brave enough to stick it out!

Alan and I met on LDSSingles. He lives two states away; however, after meeting online, we spent a month emailing back and forth, two weeks texting and talking on the phone, and then we met a month and a half after we first met at LDSSingles The online experience offered at LDSSingles provided us an opportunity to get to know each other very well before we ever had the honor of meeting face to face. By the time we saw each other, all we need to knew is if there was chemistry. We are grateful for LDSSingles. Thank you for an excellent experience.

I was on LDSSingles for over two years... Not because I wanted to find my husband online, but because I wanted to show Heavenly Father that I was willing to do everything I could to have the blessing of marriage in my life. I met lots of great guys (and a few strange ones.) He was on LDSSO for two weeks. During those two weeks, he spent a lot of time searching through all of the profiles. When he started writing me, I liked his profile and his picture, so I wrote him back even though he lived so far away. When he suggested coming to visit me, I got a little nervous about getting his hopes up. I had met online guys from far away before. Even if I had a good time on the date, it was never worth the trouble of a long distance relationship for me.
Well, by the end of our first date, I was willing to walk to Antarctica for him. We just clicked in a way I had never imagined. After that, it was a whirlwind of skype calls exceeding 8 hours and expensive plane tickets. Now my life has completely changed. It won't happen like this for everyone. Lots of people probably look at my life and hope it doesn't happen to them. It was, however, the answer to my prayers. I know that you will receive the answer to yours if you continue to have faith and do all that you can.

She responded to my flirt with a message, and that was the start of our relationship. We exchanged emails for about two months, and then we decided to meet. After we met each other, we fell in love with each other. Now we are dating steadily and discussing a future together. We'll see how it goes.

I chatted for many months before meeting this particular special person. She finally took a small 3 day vacation here (we live 300 miles apart) and we really hit it off. I have since visited her at least 10 times there and she has been here 3 more times. We now talk for hours on the phone or Skype. We are now even discussing enagagement and temple marriage plans. She is the love of my life! I am so grateful that I found such a wonderful person online. I now plan to permanently relocate when this school year is over.

We believe LDS Singles was an answer to both of our prayers. He was recently widowed and I have been single over 27 years. Both of us were praying for an eternal companion. As we met and talked on LDS Singles we felt the Holy Ghost guide and prompt us that this was the right thing to do. We arranged a meeting and knew by the spirit this was right. Thank you LDS Singles. We are getting married in the Nauvoo Temple in November and we are so happy.

Our initial contact was the evening of Monday, September 5th. I had previously looked at his profile, as it showed as one of my "quick picks". I didn't send him a message or flirt because I honestly thought he was too good looking to even give me a chance. However, Monday evening he sent me a chat request. We didn't talk long, but he asked if we could get together Thursday evening (9/8). I agreed and we texted here and there during the week.

Thursday came along, and I had told him I'm home from work by 4:30 and we could get together anytime after 6:30. I hadn't heard from him at all and figured he'd changed his mind about meeting up. I was pretty much fed up with dating and had decided to take a break, my date with Christian would be my last for a while, so I wasn't too upset with the idea that he'd blown me off. He ended up calling at 6:45 asking if we were still on, we'd apparently had a miscommunication. I was kind of hesitant to meet up with him since our plans were thrown off, but figured I'd give it a shot. We ended up meeting at Fat Cats for bowling and later baked some dessert at my place, our first date lasted five hours.

Our story is very different, we met September 8th and were married Tuesday September 13th, technically making it our fourth date. Both Christian and I have had a couple of failed engagements in the past, so knew exactly what we were looking for in a spouse. Christian knew by the end of the first date that he wanted to marry me, but I didn't realize I wanted to marry him until we were joking around Monday night (9/12) and blurted out, "We should just elope in Vegas". We stared at each other in shock for a few minutes and then started talking about how feasible it would be. That night, we packed our bags and drove to Vegas. We got married in a little chapple on the strip and plan on getting sealed in the St. George temple.

Nothing has ever felt so right. Even on the long drive, there were no feelings of doubt or worry. I'm the type of person that takes 20 minutes to pick out a zester at Bed Bath & Beyond, but deciding to marry Christian was the easiest decision I've ever made. We never thought we could be this happy and are so excited for our future. I am now I believer of love at first sight. When you know, you know.

Thanks so much!


His Story:

I came across the profile TheyCallMeRed and I responded to her profile! We started messaging back and forth and she came out to see me and things went well. So I went to visit her in return and we have developed a relationship of possibly being a husband and wife to be married in the Temple for time and for all eternity!!


Her Story:

I hadn't had much luck with relationships, or even other dating websites before I joined LDSSingles. I met Jay on June 2011 here on LDSSingles. We started emailing each other back and forth. Around July, I knew I had to meet this amazing guy, so I did something I have never done before. I drove down, got a hotel room for myself and spent 4 wonderful days with Jay. We had so much fun, talking, sightseeing, he took me to his work, I even went home teaching with him and met his neighbors. Talk about sparks flying, I immediately felt something special about Jay and knew that I needed to find out more about him. We really connected online and that helped us have stuff to talk about when we later met in person. I knew after we met that he was the man for me and my children. We have continued to write, phone, and even travel back and forth to see each other. We are planning a June 2011 wedding next year in the Salt Lake City Temple. Thank you, you have created an eternal happiness for both my future husband and I.



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