Success Stories: 2011
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Rory started flirting with me in April 2011 and I was just waiting for him to send me a message. At the time we were not paid members of LDS Singles. Then in May Rory sent me a message. We would message everyday and we couldn't wait to come home to each others messages. We continued to send flirts and messages to each other throughout the month of May. Finally in the Month of June Rory asked me out. Our first date was June 6, 2011. We met at the Olive Garden and Rory surprised me with chocolates and a Rose. Our date was early in the eve, because I had class at six. Our two hour date went by really fast. I was surprised when Rory asked me out again. On our second date, we met at a Park in Loveland,Co. I brought three different flavors of ice cream, because I didn't know which flavors Rory liked. He loved all three! We walked and talked for hours, and I was really hoping he would hold my hand. He never did hold my hand that afternoon, but when we went to say goodbye he took me in his arms and gave me a sweet, long, kiss. I knew I had to see him again. We have been dating ever since. I have met Rory's kids and he has met my family. We have had ice cream on almost every date. Ice cream and kisses has become our theme throughout our relationship. I guess we will always remember Ice cream and our first kiss in the park. Thank you Lds singles for bringing us together. We will be Eternally grateful. Thank you firefly11381 and Roryrn. Ps we plan to marry in the Denver temple in the late spring or Early summer 2012.

We both had very busy lives and no time to meet people outside our schedules. We met on LDSSingles and knew almost immediately that we were meant for each other. Our wedding is just around the corner now. Thanks LDSSingles!

We met on this site. It was all about timing for us...we would've never met if we both decided not to get on It wasn't really this website that brought us together was the chemistry between us and the love we felt for each other straight off the bat! :)

I met a beautiful girl here on LDSsingles site. She actually found me and I guess saw something amazing in me. I am trying so hard to live like Jesus did and she is doing the same, we just click. I lost my wife some time back and she lost her sister too and could relate with me about it. I'm dating her now and hoping that she feels the same way about me that I do her. I don't feel like I have to date anymore because she is pretty close to perfect to me for my situation. I saw her as an angel when I met her and just love her personality, that is what means the most along with her LDS beliefs. Thank you for letting her find me through this site. I recommend it to anyone looking for that special someone. I know I found who I'm looking for, just have to be careful and let time take it's course. Thanks again.

I met my soul mate here, I have prayed and fasted and I know she has too.
I know she's the one the Lord prepared for me and me for her.
We couldn't be happier.

He is the most wonderful man in the world. He is out of the country right now, but we plan a civil ceremony as soon as he returns and a temple marriage later. I have been on multiple dating sites since losing my husband in 2003. Something finally worked.

We had both been on the site for while. One night I decided to message a lot of different people. If I could comment on something or thought the profile looked interesting, I either messaged or sent a flirt. My Husband (Now) happened to be one I messaged that night. In his picture he was wearing a Dodger's jersey and so I commented about the Dodgers. He responded back (after subscribing) just to read my message. We went on our first date and things proceeded very quickly after that. Within 4 months of our first date we were married. He is the man of my dreams. There is no other way we would have met other than through this site. Thanks ldssingles!

My girl sent me a message about my cute kids. We wound up messaging each other and got along so well that we went on a date. Well, she is now the light of my life, I love her more than I ever knew was possible.

Thank you LDS Singles for helping me find my soul mate!


My husband Mark and I met on LDSSingles in late July or early August 2008. I'm not quite sure how it happened- but I'm sure his good looks were part of the reason we began talking. :) I was fascinated with him and getting to know someone from another culture (he's Filipino; I'm American) and we chatted and exchanged emails several times a day. Then, one day in September, we talked about our plans for the future. I mentioned I wanted to finish the graduate degree I was working on, and he effectively said, "Okay, if that's what you want in life, good luck and enjoy." I was stunned! I told him, "Well, of course I want to get married and have children, but working on this degree is what I'm doing in the mean time." Once he really understood my priorities, he asked me to be his girlfriend. I thought it was silly, seeing as how I'd never met him, but we did have a good connection and enjoyed each other immensely. Well, as boyfriend and girlfriend, we began talking on the phone everyday. We decided we better meet each other- to see if we were compatible, and for me, to ensure he wasn't psychotic. :) We arranged for a meeting in October. I flew up to Alaska, where he was living (my first and so far only airplane ride!) and we enjoyed each other's company greatly. After a lengthy talk one night, we decided we loved each other and wanted to get married. And soon. Like, the next day! Many things factored into our decision, and it was something we had prayed and fasted for before. We just felt it was right. The next day, we were married, and a year later, sealed in the Idaho Falls temple. Now we are a happy family of three with the most beautiful, most precocious 11 month old in the world! Thanks to people in our lives who urged us to try LDSSingles, we were able to meet, get to know each other on a deeper level first, and find our true love!

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