Success Stories: 2011
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We first started talking in March. Neither of us had the intent of dating anyone seriously, we just made LDS Singles accounts to get to know people in our areas. Our first date was an AZ suns basketball game. We had a great conversation, but nothing too special. The night ended and we went on with our lives. We continued to text and would occasionally go on dates. It wasn't until our fourth date that we really started to connect and get over the awkward 'getting to know you' phase. Though neither of us expressed our feelings, by about the tenth date we knew that there was something special going on. We are completely compatible in every way and we compliment each other very well. Exactly seven months after our initial date he proposed at the museum that we went to on one of our first dates. We are getting married in April in the Mesa, AZ temple and we couldn't be happier!

I had just made the decision to give dating a break and focus on my kids. I logged on one last time and saw this beautiful girl who also happened to be in the neighboring town. I asked her out immediately she accepted and It was magic from the first date. We will be married in the Orlando Florida temple.

Nueanda & Taylor35

I had recently had a heart-wrenching break up. My best friend was tired of seeing me moping and depressed and he signed me up against my better pleadings. Two months later, I met the girl of my dreams...

Well, we were both divorced at approximately the same time, we were both previously married the same amount of time and we both have the same number of kids. It was a nice, fun fit from the get go.

She replied to a message I sent her, after searching her profile and letting her know how I was impressed by some of the things she had said. We began to chat via the ldssingles messages and became somewhat of friends there. Finally, we met up to hang out and the sparks FLEW!

The rest is history... we are very happy and very much in love. Thank you, LDSSingles!

One of my friends had mentioned LDS Singles one day and her pre-mission experiences with the site. My YSA leaders also mentioned that they met on your site. Curious, but not looking to find "my match," I created an account. I got a few messages, and again, curiosity got the better of me and I paid for a short amount of time so I could see what they said. Little did I know that I would be meeting one of the best men in the world. :) I am a sucker for a man in uniform. My dad is a Marine, and I was raised with a strong military mindset. So when I first messaged Landon I was glad for his quick reply. He was stationed in South Korea with the Army, so he decided to try the online dating scene. There aren't too many LDS girls at Camp Casey--go figure:) Lucky me! We started talking, and I actually ended up dating another guy for a couple of weeks. But that ended shortly for a lot of reasons and I was still curious about this soldier 7,000 miles away. So I messaged him to see how he was doing (by this time we were on facebook), and I was ecstatic when he replied. We started talking every day for two months before we finally decided on "making it official." We started dating in October of 2011 and he wasn't due home from Korea until March.

Let me tell you, that was the longest wait in the entire world. Well March finally came and he flew in for my brother's wedding. I met him at the airport and from the moment I saw him I knew for sure that I was going to marry him...and I was right. He had already gotten a ring, though I didn't know that.

A few days later we were getting some pictures taken with him in his uniform by a lady in our ward who is a professional photographer. She said she wanted to take some shots of our feet and us holding hands since we were both wearing boots. He told me that if she was going to take pictures of our hands that he should put something on mine. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I think I got out something like "mmhmm" but I was so nervous/excited/anxious/happy that I couldn't put together real words.

We are getting sealed in the Seattle Washington Temple on July 3rd and having our reception on the 4th of July, so he will never have an excuse to forget our anniversary. :)

embroiderygirl & whitty1972

We started talking in late June 2011 and I went to visit whitty1972 in November 2011 in Florida. We are very much in love and we have a Temple marriage in our sights. LDS Singles works!!!

embroiderygirl and whitty1972

We met on LDS Singles. I had gone through a terrible divorce and my husbands wife of 20 years had passed. We started emailing, and felt an immediate connection- then texting, talking, skyping, each step we felt closer. Finally when we met in person, we knew it was right and so we got married July 10, 2011. Between us we have 11 children and are expecting number 12. My husband and I are so in love. Thank you ldssingles for providing a great place to meet the love of your life. Scott and Robin

When I joined, I was doing a search and found an incredible man in less than a week and we met just 2 days after talking on the phone for over 4 hours. We both found happiness with each other and are planning on getting married soon. Thank you!

She had me at hello. On September 11, my forever sweetheart sent me a flirt "hello", and after that it was over. I knew I loved her and that she was the one before we even met in person. We dated for a short time and it didn't take either of us long to decide that we needed to get married. In fact she was always joking, at least i think she was joking about "so when are we going to vegas?". Anyways, it has been a storybook romance, except for the fact that we have done everything out of order, but we both know it is meant to be. I'm so happy i used this site, in fact now I could never imagine my life without her.

Thankyou again,


I was on the site for a year and I met alot of interesting people. My favorite place to hang out was the chatroom. I met lots of great friends and great dates there. In the chatroom, I met two great for my best friend who is getting married soon and I met a cool guy for myself. Dating is a journey, hopefully not a destination and Ive never been happier. Thanks Lds Singles for giving me not only a great guy, but also alot of fantastic friends.

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