Success Stories: 2011
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He found my profile and wanted to ask me on a date, so he joined just to ask me out! We have had some fun adventures together and even though we aren't perfect... we are perfect for each other!

I was getting discouraged because everyone that I tried to talk to either blew me off or when we met it just wasnt right. Then she sent me a message right as I was about to delete my account. Before I even met her, I knew right away that she was to be the one that I marry. So thank you LDSSingles :)

Well, let me first say...I didn't sign up for My best friend did because she was sick of me dating losers. Then I got a flirt from a very attractive person saying I was cute, so I emailed him. It turned out we had a lot in common. On our first date he came to my house and we watched Tangled with my kids. He got there around 8:30 pm and we stayed up just talking and laughing and he finally left at 6:30 am. I was hooked on him since that moment.

I met the most wonderful man on here, the love of my life. I hope to marry him soon. I cannot be more grateful to this website for helping me to find my boyfriend. Thank you. Any who see this, I wish you all good luck, as I have had, and any who feel you are not having luck, just keep trying. I have been waiting 28 years, and I have been using this site for almost four years, but it was well worth it. There is someone out there for you. But you can't have MINE!!!! :)

We met on LDS Singles and immediately knew there was something in store for the two of us. Our story is epic, we've created some hilarious and unique memories that many people NEVER experience. It's a very small world and the Lord works in a mysterious way. We found happiness. We found love.

This has been an amazing adventure. I had decided to put up a profile because, as a single mom of 4(w/3 teenagers), living in the Willamette Valley, Oregon where there are hardly any LDS single men, working and having no time, how else do you meet someone compatible to date that shares the same values? I knew exactly what I was looking for, was very honest about those qualifications in my profile and then started responding to and getting to know a few people. I realized that it might take some time and was willing to be patient, and four months later William found me. It only took him a couple of weeks from the time he signed up. He also has 4 children around the same ages as mine. We are totally compatible in all areas: spiritual, physical, emotional, economical, and intellectual. It's wonderful! We just had so much in common that it made it easy to relate to one another and be understanding. I didn't want to start a family and neither of us wanted little children all over again. We've already been there and done that. He lives in Portland, which is an hour away and made it possible for us to date. We went to the temple together for date number 2 and 3 because we already both loved doing that. We were looking for true companionship and love. We've been having so much fun getting to know each other and dating. After about a month, I knew he was the one. We will have dated for 7 months by the time we get married in June. It's a lot of adjustment for our children, but we've taken the time to ease them into it and help them acclimate. This will be yet another step in our adventure. We have become best friends, talk about everything, and he treats me like a queen. So, yes, LDS Singles does work.

My fiancée and I met 18 months ok on We talked for over a year on this site and facebook before we met in person. We got to know each other really well so when we met we naturally had the chemistry. We have been dating for 5 months and will be sealed for all time and eternity in the Salt Lake Temple in 3 months. We are perfect together, and we both thank LDSSingles for the outlet to bring us both together. You have helped create an eternal couple and one day an eternal family with children :)

I met my husband in 2008 on LDS Singles. He used a catchy screenname from a favorite movie of mine that caught my attention. We started chatting online, emailing and talking on the phone. Very early on, we realized that we had a lot in common. We dated long-distance for about a year (much, much harder than I ever thought) until we decided that marriage was the next, right step. We have been happily married since 2009, and are now expecting our first child. Thanks LDSSingles!

I had been divorced for a couple years. Kristina was also divorced and was just coming out of a painful breakup. I had an account with LDSSingles since a couple months following my divorce. The funny part of our story is that my wife only created her LDSSingles account to show her ex-fiance that she was alive and happy. The same day she created her account I saw it. I was in Utah and she was in Virginia, but something just clicked. I liked her profile, and our Compass scores indicated a good match. I sent her a couple flirts and got a couple in response. I tried sending a message, with no reply except a flirt. I sent another message and got a flirt in reply. Then Kristina changed her profile greeting, indicating that as a single mom, she didn't have the money for a full membership and therefore couldn't access the messages that were being sent to her. After a few moments of thought I decided I would spend that much on a first date anyway. I purchased a gift membership for Kristina and we began communicating. Within days we hit it off and started spending hours on the phone. After knowing her for about six weeks, I went out to visit her in Virginia for a week. I ended up staying in Virginia for three weeks and came home engaged. We were married on October 29th, 2010, and are having a great time together!

Thank you LDSSingles!

Jason & Kristina

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