Success Stories: 2011
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I was at a complete loss. I was done with dating and completely DONE with my attempt at online dating. My best friend told me that she could help and she set up a profile with my information, but explaining that she would be doing the screening. She filtered the good ones through to me and I would chat here and there, but one guy came through that I would never have thought would be a match for me. He ended up be SUCH an incredible and amazing person. We hit it of instantly and I couldn't be happier right now. We were both ready to give up and now I'm so glad that neither of us did!

My Angel showed up on your site. We saw each other after only 2 days of coming on the site. We have been up talking for 2 -3 hours almost every night. I know there is a Heavenly Father because he hand delivered her to me. I wish everyone could be this happy.

Thanks guys!

We found ech other here. We had our 1st date on October 1st and after much prayer. learning, growing, and helping each other heal, we will be married 10 months later.

We may have found each other without the site, but it would have taken so much longer....if at all. Since then, the Lord has cleared the pathway ahead.

I saw this pretty ladies profile picture and was flirting with her. She sent me a message and I realized I couldnt read it, so two weeks later I got a paid account and sent her a message back. Then we started talking and we went on a few dates and decided we couldn't be without each other. We decided to get married and continue our family together. I am happy and grateful to find someone who gets me and that I have been searching for my whole life.

I sent this cute single guy a message after he sent me a flirt message I did not hear back from him for 2 weeks and then we started talking in the chat rooms and he asked me out on a date... We went out on our first date and he was funny, respectful and a good southern boy... and he was a Hottie.. We both had the same things in common and same goals for our lives . We both love the gospel and want to center our family around gospel principles and it just felt right to give this Southern boy a chance. After a while it was obvious that we could not be apart. We laugh, we cry, we pray, we talk and it is just meant to be... Now we are married and starting our new life together.

I was at work when I got a "Flirt" from Wendi. I had met some nice women on LDSsingles, but when I saw Wendi's profile I about fell out of my chair at work...she is hot! After a couple of dates it became clear that the Lord had prepared us for each other and that we are compatible in so many ways. We are planning on getting married and sealed in the temple in August 2011!

Chris and I emailed for a few days.. after talking on the phone for an hour we decided to go to the Diamond Backs game. At the game we were having a blast and enjoying the baseball when suddenly the Kiss Camera up on the stadium screen focused in on couples...when this happens you have to kiss your sweetie!! Sure enough in front of the whole stadium, we were on kiss Cam! Not my idea of a first kiss, but so very cute. My love for him hasn't stopped growing as we get more serious and close. I have twin Daughters and he has a little daughter too. We look forward to seeing our families get to know each other. He is amazing and I love him! Thanks LDSSINGLES!


As our marriage approaches its 4th anniversary I was reflecting on the experience that got us here. I can't but send you a thank you note to tell you how wonderful life has been since you helped us find each other. April is not only a wonderful wife, but she is my best friend and my soul-mate. I can't imagine having found a person that resonates more with me than she does. We think alike, laugh about the same things and fully enjoy each other's complex personalities. Not that our marriage lacks in challenges, but we go through difficulties coming out with a deeper love and understanding for each other.

Having been a convert to the church for only 5 months I was very hesitant to join when my bishop suggested it. But feeling confident that he was an inspired man, I decided to do it against my better judgment. April has been a member since birth and she was hesitant to join as well, being as how she was already 30 and still single. However, many of her friends had found wonderful guys on this site. We both jumped in full force and met a whole lot of people in a short time. When I would come home from work I would spend a good 4 hours chatting, messaging and speaking to many different girls. I met a handful of really nice girls, but the sparks just weren't there. Not until I saw April's profile.

From the very first moment I saw her picture I felt a sense of urgency to get to know her. I wrote her on New Years Eve and she wrote back the next week. We flirted through email for a few days before I got her phone number. A week later we were having conversations so long we had to plug in our cell phones to charger (7 hour conversation once!) We saw from the site's personality profiling that we were very compatible for each other. After 2 weeks we decided to meet and I flew to see her. From the moment we met in the airport we both knew we had something special. I stayed the weekend and returned with the intent to buy her a diamond ring. A little more than a month after my initial message we were engaged. We were sealed in the Atlanta temple 6 months later. And as the saying goes, the rest is history.

We truly are thankful that this site exists to give people like us the tools necessary to find each other.

A. Antonio

I found my honey on here. I never thought much could happen. I stumbled on his profile and knew that something was special about him. We sent a few messages, texted, called, talked for hours...and I have never loved more deeply. I love this man. Thank you

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