Success Stories: 2011
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I met Alicia on this site and fell in love with her on our eighth date. We started talking on 11/11/11 and we are marrying on 01/02/2012 at 12:00, with a temple sealing on 12/12/12. She introduced me to several couples she knows who met on here when this site first started over 12 years ago. I am blessed to have met her on his site and I look forward to all the blessings of a marriage. Thank you very much for showing me to her.

We met on chat and I had sent him a message that one of our fellow chatters had passed away. Being a widow myself, I told him that I know what he was going through and to feel free to call or email me as I understand it. We totally hit it off and starting talking more and more and chatting privately. He lived across the country, so we planned a meet up and met face to face. I knew as soon as I saw him in person that it was meant to be. We continued a long distance relationship and I moved to be closer to him at which time we got married. Thank you LDSSingles for matching me up with someone I can spend my future with.

Seriza and I met when she responded to my profile bio. Over the weeks we exchanged the occasional email which normally consisted of a heated debate regarding the quality of the most recent Incredible Hulk film as well as various other super heroes and vigilantes. Being that those are all right up my alley I was hooked from the start. Although the emails were engaging we didn't feel there was much hope for an immediate meeting. I was living in Georgia and she in Nevada. As luck (or divine intervention) would have it a new job would take me to the North West. As I began my road trip Seriza and I kept in daily contact through emails. We would tell each other about ourselves as well as the day to day goings on. On the 3rd day of my trip Seriza sends me an email recommending that I visit The Hoover Dam, as it wasn't too far from my route. I decided that a short detour wouldn't hurt and followed her advice. As I got closer her emails got more frequent, finally resulting in her sending her phone number so that we could text (not while driving, of course.). She had constant updates about my location. As I pulled into the parking lot of The Hoover Dam I saw a beautiful woman walk in front of my truck with a sign that had "NERDCORE" written in big bold letters. She had planned the detour so that we could meet. We spent 2 1/2 hours at the dam having a small picnic. It was getting late, so I decided to get a hotel. Conveniently she had the next day off of work. We spent the entire next day together. Since then I've flown back three times to visit her. While I'm currently deployed overseas we still talk on a daily basis and even have our own little Family Home Evening since I'm the only member at my location. We're both very anxious for me to get home so that we can see each other again.

klr3 & LDSfan

I met the true love of my life on LDS Singles. Right after we met we realized that my best friend lived just down the street from his parents. We chatted online for over a month and dated for over a year. We got married last Saturday and couldn't be happier. We are now in Las Vegas on our honeymoon and are so grateful to LDS singles for making it all possible.....

I had tried the first of this year and didn't have quite the experience that I had hoped for, so on a whim I signed back up this fall just to check it out again. I was poking around profiles one night and came across one that I couldn't seem to pass up. I sent a flirt and didn't think much of it. Beamster and I sent emails back and forth multiple times a day, and I always seemed to get giddy and excited when I'd see his emails in my in box. We exchanged numbers and gradually started texting, until the texting became an all day, everyday thing. We decided we had to meet.

I work graveyards in a hotel, and he starts work early in the mornings, but that didn't stop him from driving 2 hours (after he had been up since 430 am and worked all day) to meet me while I was working. He helped me pass the time, stayed for a few hours then drove the two hours back home. He did this 4 or 5 weekends in a row. We couldn't seem to get enough of each other! Since then, we have seen each other every weekend, he will come down on his weekend, or I will go up to his area on my weekends. Wedding to come soon! (cross my fingers) He is truly an incredible man, I feel so blessed on a daily basis to have him in my life. He is so much better than I ever thought I could have! Thank you ldssinges for bringing the man of my dreams into my life! I couldn't have found him without you!

Larry and I met in August of 2011 and became instant friends. After several months of exchanging mail and talking on the phone, we both realized that this match was made in heaven. We are best friends and we both consider our relationship a miracle. Since we live in different states, we would have never met any other way. Thank you for bringing such a wonderful priesthood holder into my life.


My story is quite interesting. As profession I have a master degree in electric engineering. I am originally from Romania and I immigrated in USA in 1988.

My main preoccupation is creativity in everything I am doing. I have built a house. I have 7 inventions patented so far. My expertise has a large field from electronic to human health.

My Religion.

I am catholic baptized, but I do not attend any Church because I may intimidate very easy the Church leaders. In a Baptist Church the pastor knowing about my inventions said to me “You best facts are like a dirty shirt before God” that is true, but this idea was not intended to humiliate any Church members.

In a Pentecostal Church in the 5th Sunday, the preacher came in my circle and said to me “20 minutes to stay with God in this Church is worth more that all your University”. That Sunday was the last I attended a Church and that was 23 years ago.

I was married for 35 years and in 2003 I divorced because of lack of communication. In the same year I started to find a new wife.I had profiles on many websites. In 2011 I read about the wisdom taught in LDS Church and I open my profile. I was contacted by a lady on the site and we sent a few emails and we got along very well. She is 70 years, but I wish to have more children. I have 2 children but they are not friendly with me. I agreed to visit that lady, but she was ready to go to Spain for 14 days and was not ready to see me.

The very next day I had an email from my lady named Angelove. She answered my flirt. That was around the first of November 2011. She has reservations, maybe because of my age. I am 66 and she is 30. I told her that I am perfect healthy and functional. I propose her marriage right away. She was 50/50 for marriage. Then we exchanged emails about inventions. I sent her two of my new ideas. When she understood them she wrote “Greed will hurt you if someone knows that you have something that might make a hit”. She encouraged me in my inventive activity.

Our marriage.

We have planned a wedding in January. I wanted the marriage to take place in LDS Church in SLC or in Las Vegas. I was afraid that a preacher will not marry us because of the religious differences. I told to my love that I am interested in her Church and I even want to cure disease with my scientific ideas and to preach a combination of religious and science. Also I want to offer to your state my inventions.


Our wedding is planned in January 7th in LDS Church in SLC.

We invite everybody to attend our wedding.

Thanks for the opportunity to share my story with you.

David and Radhika

Val09 & bnettles

I joined hoping to meet LDS men in my city. Unfortunately, there weren't many locals on the website. So I started looking farther, hoping for at least some interesting conversation. I thought I'd give the website 6 months. In the fifth month, I met a wonderful man, almost 500 miles away, who had the exact qualities I was looking for. We enjoyed getting to know each other on the phone. Then we traveled once or twice a month to see each other. We both prayed a lot to know if this relationship was right, and received repeated revelation that it was. We were blessed in that he could move to my city 7 months after we met. I am often astounded that I met someone with whom I am so completely compatible, who shares so many of my interests, who may be the sweetest man in the whole world, and is as crazy in love as I am.

A member in my ward got engaged to a girl he met on So I decided I would give it a try. Nothing else was working. It might work. Who knows? I did and it was the best decision I ever made. Emily and I met on From the moment we started communicating I became intrigued with Emily. I looked at her profile and saw a beautiful and interesting girl. We quickly found out we had so much in common! Since then we have been dating for 6 months and are recently engaged. Without I would have never met this wonderful girl!

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