We know that we are a blessing to each other from the Lord.
tank75nc & chrstnmsclvr
tank75nc & chrstnmsclvr

James and Carol met on LDSSingles.com Apr 21, 2010
and married September 1, 2010.

This is our story:

We both had been on LDSSingles before and had come back to give it another go. We found people that we made connections with and talked to, but nothing serious. Then one day Carol came to my profile and looked around. I always checked to see who was looking at me and went to check her out. Wow, what an absolute angel. Now I was a bit nervous since she looked, but did nothing so I sent her a flirt to see what would happen. She flirted back so I sent an email and we began emailing. After a while of emailing through the site, we exchanged real world emails and then began emailing that way. An eternity later (read a few days) we had an instant message conversation that turned into a phone conversation that lasted several hours. And that was the way we were. When we talked it went by very quickly and the hours between conversations took forever. I went to visit Carol for the weekend and our first real date was going to the temple together. After that weekend we both knew there was something real here. I left definitely not wanting to go. As we began talking again on the telephone there was even more connection. Carol moved back to Utah where she is from and we spent the next 2 months talking to each other every night on skype. It was better because we could see each other. The long distance was tough, but it gave us a chance to really talk and get to know one another. We began reading scriptures together each night and it was awesome. We were able to schedule another trip and I went to Utah. It was on this trip, just outside of temple square, that I asked her to be my wife. Shortly after that trip we were married and we know that we are a blessing to each other from the Lord. As Elder Bednar said, "We are a "..tender mercy from the Lord..." and we feel so blessed to have found each other. As we have gone through this and as we look back on it we see that there have been a lot of things that have lined up to put us in the position we are and we recognize them and we are grateful for them. The Lord loves all of us and will bless you if you have faith and patience and prepare yourself to allow Him to work in your life.

Thanks so much for your website,

James and Carol
tank75nc and chrstnmsclvr

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