We couldn't be happier or more thoroughly matched.

Initially, I received a flirt from her. I had never responded to flirts as they lack substance, but I always look at the photo and profile to see if there could be any interest. Her photos were good, but much more impressive was her profile. It was the longest profile I had ever seen and clearly described what she wanted and who she is. And, to top it off, our Compass surveys were a HIGH match!!

I could hardly contain myself in anticipation of responding to such a complete and spiritual statement. She responded right back with even more, and it has been like that ever since!

We exchanged emails for 4 days before she invited me to call her. Our first phone conversation was 8 hours long on a Sunday evening, and the next 3 days were 7 and 6 hour conversations! She invited me to her home to meet and we continued the long hours in person.

It was 11 days after that flirt that we went out on our first real date. It was to the temple, and as we were sitting and praying in the Celestial Room, the Spirit prompted me to propose, and she heartily accepted. I don't know how they could have heard or figured out what just happened, but immediately 2 ladies came over to us just beaming and congratulated us.

We have talked about EVERYTHING, including how we merge our families and what place our deceased spouses have in our lives as we go forward. We have met some of each other's kids and surprisingly they seem to take a liking to us - almost as if they know somehow that this relationship is meant to be. It's wonderful!!

The wedding is set for 2 months from that first date, and we couldn't be happier or more thoroughly matched. Every new thing we learn about each other totally matches! It's amazing and obviously divinely inspired!!!

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