We both know that Heavenly Father brought us together...
ldskris & MPMCCORKLE

Her story: I had been communicating with several men from the site although nothing had worked out. I had a very strong impression that "the one" was on here somewhere!! One night, in late August 2010, I was more frustrated than normal and sent a flirt to ALL of my Quick Picks, just trying to find him! The next day I received a reply from one of those men I had messaged, MPMCCORKLE. He had had bad experiences before and wanted to be just friends at first. I was ok with that. We messaged, then talked on the phone for hours each night. I knew within two weeks that he was something special, but continued to play along. He realized it as well a few weeks later, and we started to make plans to meet in Feb. 2010. Due to his circumstances, I had to fly to Texas from California to meet him for the first time, and it gave me a great opportunity to meet his family as well. After two more visits, we got married October 22, 2010 and have been happily married ever since! The Spirit has helped us adjust and together we are strong. Who says you don't find love when you are looking for it?

His story: I had been on LDS Singles for about three months. I had communicated with lots of women from all over the United States and other countries. There were several women that I had progressed to talking with at length on the phone, but I kept feeling that it just was not right. I was frustrated. My subscription ended the next day - I had a distinct feeling that I needed to hang in there for that one last day. That is when I got a message from LDSKRIS. I had seen her profile several times, but I did not think I stood a chance with her, as I have a rough background and she was a returned missionary. We began messaging each other, then emailing, then exchanged phone numbers. We really clicked with one another, talking on the phone every night for at least an hour. We also scored the highest of anybody on the Compass Compatability. We were both very cautious about the whole Internet dating experience, but decided to meet for the first time six months after our first contact. We were married eight months later! Learning to adjust to another person being so intertwined into my life is difficult at times, but we both know that Heavenly Father brought us together...with the help from LDS Singles. Thank you for your great system! MPMCCORKLE & LDSKRIS

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