We are just right for each other in every way!

I only joined the church back in April this year and got baptized in August. I had heard about the site, but didn't join until after that as it didn't seem right. I asked for someone of a certain age and height and up popped Mike who wasn't EITHER of my requirements on my search engine! But I just liked the look of him so I sent him a flirt. Next thing, he had sent me 3 messages, which I couldn't read because I hadn't joined the site properly because women at church kept saying it was too dangerous! But I just went for it, and even though I heard from other guys, it was only ever Mike I was truly interested in. But he had reservations because of the distance and me having custody of a granddaughter (I think he felt too old!) But I just knew we were meant to be together- I cannot explain how strong that conviction was, but just played it cool. Then one night on Skype, I sang for him and I think that's when all his inhibitions went through the window, as within days he was telling me that he had prayed and got an answer that I was the right one for him. Then we were talking casually about who would live where etc., then one day he asked if I felt I loved him and I said "yes, I really do, even if this is crazy!" And he said he loved me also as we were always laughing and had such a strong rapport...it was like we had known each other forever. Then on Halloween (of all days!) he asked me to marry him and I said yes! So our date is the 20th of May next year, his birthday, and I am the one joining him along with my 10 year old granddaughter. (I became a nanny in my 30s!) and moving to America. I know some will say we are mad, but I just know its the right thing to do. I struggled at first leaving behind my other grandchildren, but have had children since I was 16 and felt it was time for something for me, even though I know I will miss Cornwall so much. I will contact you after our marriage with photos etc. But if there is one thing I would advise anyone, it's this: Do not be so stringent on what your "ideal" man/woman is, because if the system hadn't been playing up that day, I would never have met the most perfect man in the world! I sincerely hope you find who you are right for. I wasn't "looking" for Mike and he didn't fit into the category I had selected and our match was only GOOD according to the computer, but we are just right for each other in every way! Our Heavenly Father and Mother move in mysterious ways! Good Luck to you all!

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