This is a fairy tale story that came true...
Godfrey_Boys & Airbear27
Godfrey_Boys & Airbear27

This is a fairy tale story that came true...

Honestly I was only looking for friends after my 17 years of marriage ended. I met my now wife on New Years Eve and hit it off right away. We chatted for nearly 2 weeks straight until I got the nerve to ask if I could call her. She gave me her phone number during the chat ... which I promptly lost! I found her number and called her the next day. We began connecting very deeply in areas of emotional, verbal and spiritual. About 1 month later, I met her face to face and by the next month, we were engaged and married 3 weeks later.

This site was a great tool to find my soul-mate. Even though neither one of us were looking for a relationship, we found the perfect one for us!

***Story updated 2/4/11***

How can someone ever improve on "A fairy-tale come true"? Is it possible? I am here to tell you it is. After Ari and I were married, we had to live apart for 3 months till I was out of school. Three terribly long months. Although we were together every weekend, we longed to be together always. Finally me and my two boys were done with school and we moved in with Ari and her foster-son. Anyone who has moved two families into one will tell you it is no treat. Merging our two families wasn't going to be easy, but we knew it was worth it. The first month together was a bit awkward, but we soon were able to work with it. Now let me stop right here ... I am not going to tell you that it has always been a bowl full of cherries, because it hasn't. We have had many trials and tribulations in the first 6 month of our marriage that would try even the most seasoned relationships. But I will tell you this, when you find someone who "fits" you, when you both put your Heavenly Father first and put all your trust in him, the trials that come your way become easier to bear and your burden is lightened. I have been blessed with a wife who is loving, compassionate and true. She is my best friend and I intend to spend all eternity with her, loving her every moment I get. We talk about so many things, never judging each other. We complement each other in so many ways. She is a great mother and a wonderful person who loves her Heavenly Father, our 3 boys and me. One of the things she does is make me lunch nearly every morning before I go to work. Making me lunch is such a wonderful way of saying "I love you", but what I really love is the notes she puts on my napkin. Every time I read them, I fall in love with her all over again! I could go on and on about how she shows her love for me every day, but I don't have enough room her to do it. Suffice it to say, I thank my Heavenly Father for
blessing me with such a perfect spirit, a wonderful wife and, one day, an eternal companion. Soon, we will be going to the Portland Temple to be sealed together for all time and eternity. And soon, Ari's foster-son, or rather OUR soon to be Adopted son will be sealed to us also. So to answer my opening question, "can someone ever improve on 'A fairy-tale come true'?" Yes! It can last for all eternity! I know that in a healthy relationship, there are three ... Husband, Wife and Heavenly Father. If you continue to work on improving your relationship and serving your spouse and Heavenly Father, you can't help but to find
yourself living the proverbial "Fairy-tale" forever!

Tim & Ari

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