It was like an amazing dream or wonderful movie that neither of us wanted to ever end.
Rickyscorpion & TanyaLee

A Movie in the making...

Not believing in the Internet and because of a crazy friend and a pushy sister, I signed up for the site. I did not check it very often since I really thought it was silly and unproductive. Can you really met someone for eternity on-line? I mean really? So because of the language and mission experience, I sent an e-mail message to Ricky. I still did not check it much, I mean what was the point really? So after a week, he sent me a flirt. So I forwarded him the same e-mail message. I thought, "How rude, why did he not write?" He sent me a few more flirts, so I just sent the same message again. Why create new messages and spend my time when he had not even responded to my simple message. Finally he responded with a message. That same night we exchanged phone numbers and began talking. That whole time he was not messaging me because he did not pay for an account. So he paid for an account to contact me. I guess I was a little harsh:) We spoke on the phone for hours and hours, and the time just seemed to dissapear. There was never enough time to talk. We never ran out of things to say or share. After a month of speaking over the phone, he made the trip from Flordia to South Carloina in September. When we first met, it seemed to me that I had already knew him forever. It must have been harder for him since he only had two photos to go on before we met. He said he had a 50/50 chance...One photo was terrible and the other was pretty...We met and good thing he said, "You are beautiful!" It was a great weekend with my kids and everything. It was like an amazing dream or wonderful movie that neither of us wanted to ever end. After that weekend, he went back to Flordia and we bagan planning for marriage. We already felt married as it was...Ricky moved to South Carolina and we were married a few days later on October 2nd. My family had only met him once and we really did not announce it; it was so was a surprise to everyone, even us...Crazy! Only our Father in Heaven could plan such a happy beginning to such a really is amazing and crazy. After two and a half weeks of being married, I began to feel so weak, exhausted, and dizzy. I thought something was really wrong, so I went to the doctor. He said, "Well, nothing is really wrong with you, you are just going to have a baby." We had our ultrasound and we are due July 11th. So it happened so fast. I tell Ricky, "Everything is so fast with you!" So he became part of an instant familly of 5 in just a few months time. Life seems to happen so fast at times, and yet when you are waiting for that right someone, time seems to go so slow. We feel so extremely blessed to have found each other, and it happened in a way that really would not have happened otherwise. How else would we have really met each other? Trusting in the Lord is the key and being patient with His timetable and will. God really did bless the broken road we both traveled to lead us to each other.

RickyScorpion & TanyaLee (Site Names)
Luiz and Tanya

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