Success Stories: 2010
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A mutual friend sent him to my profile. We corresponded for two months before he told me he knew me. We were casual friends, hanging out for over 18 months before we decided that we had feelings for each other. It took him some time to be at peace with my sealing to my deceased husband. After researching, asking questions and praying, he found he could just trust the Lord on that issue. He has become my cheerleader!

I have always had the biggest trouble trying to find girls that would like me. I have been rejected by every single girl I have ever liked...except one. And that one I met here. Everything just came so easily. We both didn't even try and we found a relationship that we just can't believe how amazing it is. I love her with all my heart and I know she loves me with all her heart. I don't know what I would have done without this site. I was pretty much ready to give up on dating, but now I'm engaged to the most beautiful women in the world.

Marybiffy & Aenthan78

A big thank you to your site! I will admit that I was a doubter and I almost quit the site. Being a single mother of 3 children, I really didn't think that I would find someone, let alone on a dating site. Then I met him. He was a couple states away. We hit it off and now he lives close by and our date is June 19th, 2010. We're getting married and it's thanks to your site we found each other!! I'm now a believer and I refer my single friends to you! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!!!

***Update as of 11/18/10***

Thanks so much for!!! We've been adjusting to (and loving every moment of) married/family life! We are SO happy and my children, now our children, are in heaven having a dad that loves and cares for them! We've been married for almost 5 months and are falling more and more in love everyday and realizing just how quite perfect for each other we are.

I met my bride on LDSSingles in July of 2009. She was living in Utah at the time. We had both lost our eternal companions to cancer. After a wonderful six month courtship we are now married. We would like all of you singles out their to know that there is hope in our savior and redeemer and in the gospel.

If it wasn't for that Matching Profile, we would not have even glanced at each others profile a second time. It just gives so many insights into a person without having to invest a lot of time or emotion and made it very easy to see that on the big issues we are very compatible. We started emailing on January 7th, moved to phone calls, met, and will be married this summer.

Gumscheid & Sprite901

His Story:
It has been a wonderful experience joining LDS Singles and finding the most perfect woman in the world. The process has been a miracle for us, every step of the way. We had first contact on January 15, 2010 and were married on April 3, 2010 between general conference sessions. With messaging on LDSSingles, e-mail, and skype we had a wonderful dating process. After driving down to meet Anna on the week of Valentines day, it was a done deal. We are so happy and even though we have to be apart for a while to get all the paper work done we are ready to spend our eternities together deeply in love.


Her Story:
I am grateful to have met Guy here at LDSsingles. After lots of skyping with Guy, his bishop and his children, visiting Guy in Canada and Guy visiting me in the US, we married in Canada in April. Now I'm here in Canada and loving it! To all of you who are fearful about change, my advice is to stay close to our Heavenly Father, stay sensitive to the Holy Ghost, reason it out in your mind to the best of your ability and then leap with your heart wide open--no fear.


***Update as of 7/9/10***
It has been 6 months now since the first click was made on LDS Singles. Anna and I have been married now for three months. I can't help but be grateful for the chance that I took signing up and meeting the most wonderful woman in the world. We are so happy and have not only discovered that we love each other so very much, but have discovered that we are best friends as
well. There is no doubt that the world is a smaller place now and that great opportunities are available to find our perfect someone.
Anna lived in Elko, Nevada and I live in Alberta, Canada. We were married on April 3rd between general conference session. We had one wonderful week together before Anna had to go back to Elko and finish her teaching contract. On June 2nd, 2010 I drove a moving truck down to Nevada to move
her to Canada and she is loving it here now. Anna is completing a Masters degree in Spanish so we have to suffer being apart for seven weeks of the next two summers, but it is important that we complete our goals as we also include each other in our lives. Love abounds in our lives now and each day is a good day for us.

Once upon a time there was a princess. This princess always hoped she would find a prince that she could love forever and who would love her forever. The princess looked and looked and looked. She found a lot of frogs, but never any princes. The princess was told that she should just marry one of the frogs, but she knew she would never be happy unless she could marry a real prince. There were times that she thought that there must not be any princes left, but she always hoped she would find one somewhere. Then one day, a prince from another kingdom "smiled" at her. She said "hi" to him and soon they were talking. It didn't take the princess long to fall in love with the handsome prince. He was everything she had ever hoped to find. On top of being handsome, he was funny and had a heart of gold. He was kind and loving and understanding. And best of all, he loved her too! She was so happy and grateful that she didn't listen to the people who wanted her to settle for a frog! The princess knew that it was worth waiting for her perfect prince! She knew that things in their life wouldn't always be perfect, but that they had a perfect love that would get them through whatever challenges they faced. And, that they really would live happily ever after (even when things were hard) - because she would always remember how lucky she was to have a wonderful prince by her side!!!

George and I started talking with instant messenger on LDSSingles every once in a while. He clamied I was luke-warm with him from the get-go and I admit it, I was. But he persisted anyway. Then one day, I saw that George was online and he wasn't saying anything (he always initiated our conversations) and it made me realize that I didn't like that. Thus, figuring out that I kinda liked him. :) So, I got on and made it known that I was interested. Once we decided to talk on the phone, we hit it off and talked for 3.5 hours that first night. We talked every night, except one up until the night before Thanksgiving, where he would come up to visit his family and ME! It was amazing. That first night we made things official and started dating. We both confessed to falling in love with each other before we met and meeting only confirmed those feelings. We are now very happily engaged and I can't wait to spend the rest of forever with him!

I met the most beautiful, inside and out, young lady from this website and I am super happy to be starting a new adventure with her. I wish you all the best who are still looking. Keep the faith, keep your chin up and keep looking. You will find who your are looking for eventually. I certainly did!

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