Success Stories: 2010
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Once upon a time there was a Very_Nice_Guy who was quite lonely following the death of his wife. Having come across the LDSSingles Online website he signed up as a way to find some friends. He met several nice people, and enjoyed corresponding with them. It was easy to correspond with a number of people and in doing so the Very_Nice_Guy met a BadGrandma (one could say that opposites do attract...). BadGrandma was hurting following a difficult time in her life and joined some girlfriends in signing up to LDSSingles Online. BadGrandma also corresponded with a number of individuals and became quite interested in a Very_Nice_Guy. BadGrandma and Very_Nice_Guy were able to connect with each other on several levels. As their friendship developed over the months they decided to meet at General Conference. Since that time the relationship has blossomed and they have recently become engaged. They found this site provided an easy way to connect with a number of individuals and as it turned out, find someone to be with. While it does not take the place of being careful and vigilant, LDSSingles Online does provide a useful service in bringing together individuals that have a common set of values and beliefs.

I most likely would not have checked out his site, but his profile came up as one of the 4 names to check out each day that you provide. Horst is his name, and I just asked him to put a picture of himself on his site, and when he saw my profile, he decided that I was the one.

I have a Bichon Frise dog, and his first note told me that we had something in common, he has 2 Bichon Frise dogs. We communicated about a week via e-mail, then we started to talk on the phone. We talked for at least 100 hours, and I asked the poor man about every possible question, on every topic imaginable. As we both are widowed and Sealed to our late spouses, we agreed that we would include our late spouses in our conversations and not act as if they didn't exist. This is important to both of us...other men I communicated with, who are divorced just didn't understand. Horst is originally from Germany, and I could tell by his written profile (or lack there of) that he was not a native born American.

After a month of phone communication, Horst told me that he wanted to marry me and we agreed that he would come from Montana where he has a lovely home on 5 acres of land, to St. George, Utah where I live. He was going to spend 2 weeks here, and I was going to go back to Montana with him, and stay in his guest house so we could see how each of us lived. I would then fly home.

Well, when Horst arrived here in St. George he decided what he wasn't going anywhere without me being his wife. So Horst is here in my home 15 1/2 hours a day, and rents a room at my best friends (a couple) home. He is back here about 6:30m each morning, and then we spend every minute together and at 10pm we have prayer together and he leaves again. He is such a kind, gentle, loving man who also has the Gospel as an important part of his life.

It is so very difficult for each of us to have him leave each night...We will be married on Saturday, 19th of June 2010. We will spend the hot months of the year in Montana and the cold part of the year in St. George where it is very nice in the winter.

As we are not kids, we are getting married much sooner than many would consider "proper". We are hoping to be able to spend many years together, traveling, serving the Lord and enjoying life together.



I meet the most amazing LDS woman here after many months of brooming girls that I knew were not the one. I am blown away by the chemistry, passion and the things we have in common. I know my search is over, I would die for her. Thank you very much for this service, I used it wisely.


I never thought this kind of love existed. We met online although I was a little hesitant and hung up on another woman. However, the moment I met her, I knew she was meant for me and vice verse. I love her, don't know how, but I do. I'm more than grateful to God for her.

I am 32 years old, and had been looking for that special someone for a very long time. I was too old to go to a YSA ward, and didn't feel comfortable at the 30 and over ward. I was really "stuck", and not sure what to do next. I decided to give LDSSingles a try. I was on the site for a couple of months before I found someone that I really clicked with. We emailed back and forth for almost a month before we met. It was not long after we met that we both knew we had something special. The lord has a plan for all of us.

I have met a wonderful person. She saw my written profile without a picture and started with a flirt. She felt that I was a person to meet. After some correspondence, we met in person. She lives some 200 miles from me. We have hit it off very well; we are very comfortable in each others company. We are on the brink of a wonderful relationship; we have strong feelings for each other. The important part is that we have met thanks to LDSSingles. The future is unpredictable at best, but we have started looking forward to a bright one for the two of us.

We actually officially joined the site within the same 24-hour time period.

I had posted my profile and some pictures and had been able to see people flirting with me and sending me notes to my in-box. Since I hadn't fully joined I couldn't read them, but I really wanted to. This went on for about a month and after getting a good feeling about joining I decided to buy a months worth of service just to see how things went.

Well, after "officially joining" and having full access to the site's services I was able to enjoy reading and sending messages.

The same day I signed up for the full use of the site I was checking out the latest flirts and messages sent my way. I saw a simple flirt from the stranger who became my sweetheart. All it read was, "You're cute."

As soon as I saw the communication from him, I checked out his profile and liked what I saw. I found out he was on Instant Messenger at that very moment so I sent him a quick "Hello" note.

He actually thought he would never hear from me after he had sent the flirt, but to his surprise there I was sending him an Instant Message.

We used IM for a while and then started sending each other texts on our cell phones and eventually we talked on the phone and after getting to talk and laugh together we decided to meet.

Time passed, and we still used to flirt with each other (and others as well), but eventually we narrowed the playing field to just each other.

More time passed and baaada boom, baaada bing here we are planning our life together.

It's may be hard to believe, but true nonetheless that is how my sweetheart and I found each other.

It definitely has become "a less than $15 well spent."

I met this awesome girl and it is going better than I could have ever expected. We click and have great chemistry. I never thought with this online stuff that this was possible. I'm hoping that she is the one. She is beautiful, smart, fun to be around, and becoming my best friend.

I told myself that I would not look outside the state. Well looky looky that was where I found my love. He felt prompted to join this web site and so did I. One thing led to another and we ended up talking on the phone a lot. I just went out to meet him for the first time. Yes, the connection is definitely there. He is a wonderful man. The Lord had a hand in this. Thanks so much for this service. I am in love and probably will be marrying him.

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