Success Stories: 2010
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I met Preston on LDSSingles, he is From Eagle Mountain and I am from Provo. I have dated four brothers on this site, they are all nice, but Preston was the one for me. We are so much in love and we are getting engaged this coming November and planning to marry soon to start the new Year as Husband and wife. Thanks to this site I found him and we will be getting marry in the Temple.

He is a widower and I was divorced, we both are 61 years, I am from Peru and he is from Utah.
I am very happy I have found this special person, the one I was searching all my life for.


I started talking with Robinville on 11 August 2010, we discovered how much we had in common, including a very high score on our compass. Robinville said that any interested person would have to be the pursuer. So I did and flew out to Utah on 23 August to meet and date her. On the 26th I proposed at Temple Square at the Christus. And On 2 September we were married in Chubbick, Idaho at her mothers house. The rest is history and we are very grateful for the chance to meet on this site. This is our 3rd marriage each so this one has to last forever!!!!

We met online and began talking to each other via email / text messaging for a month or so. We decided to meet and begin dating and fell in love immediately. We realized we were everything we ever wanted in another person and are getting married in Oct 2010.

I saw Shaun's profile on the first day I signed up. We talked for like a month and then met up. We totally clicked on every level!! He is everything I have ever wanted, and he says the same for me. We are so excited to start a family together and be together forever. If it wasn't for I would have never found my soul mate. I'm very thankful for this service!! We are so happy and in love!

After dating around for a while, I met Kami on January 16th, and our relationship will develop into a marriage in the near future. We wouldn't have met if we didn't take the chance of meeting each other. Don't be afraid to meet somewhere and get to know each other before doing a formal date. She is my world now, and I can't imagine not knowing her and spending time with her. Good luck to all you finding people on this website.

***Update as of 11/18/10***

Kami and I have been married together since 09/10/10. We met online on 1/15/10, and we had dinner 1/16/10 and the rest was history. We love each other and are excited to start this chapter in our lives. I love her and she loves me. Online dating really works when
you're willing to actually meet people. It's probably easiest to meet at a nice middle ground and get to know each other, but we're happy and hope others find what we've found. We're currently living in Taylorsville and are working and doing school, but we're hoping to start a family in the near future.

Rose sent me a message after I had been on LDS Singles for about two months. She was only the second person I had met that we both had interest in each other and were physically attracted to each other. I sent out a lot of messages to women that never responded or the interest was soon lost. The Lord knows when and who we are going to marry and if it is right it is right.

It all began with a little wink which I sent to
bigdog. The photo that I had posted was me in the kitchen behind a counter covered with fresh out-of-the-oven bread. Bigdog saw my profile (and the loaves of bread). He responded with a comment about the bread and my smile. We started corresponding through your website. I read his profile. He appeared to be a sincere man who loved the Gospel, his children and grandchildren. Over a period of several weeks I began to appreciate his sense of humor, love of laughter and overall capacity to care for others.
But the most outstanding characteristic he has is his love for our Savior and our Heavenly Father. It just knocked me over even through the computer. We "talked" every day. It didn't take long for me to realize that I missed him very much when we didn't talk. One day in our
conversation, I was telling him all the things I liked about him. In response, he told me all the things he loved about me. I promptly wrote
back, "Are you aware of the fact that you have just used the 'L' word?" This is the response that got me: "YES I AM!!" From that very moment, I knew I could not live without this man. Thank you When we both started out on this adventure neither of us really had very much faith in it working. I am happy to report that we have both changed our minds and have and will recommend you highly. It has been the most wonderful journey.

Love to all,

Diane,"bigdogsmitty and getitdunn"

I did a match search and began to send out feelers to guys who met my criteria. Three feelers later to the same guy, and he finally responded and that was it. Long detailed emails, then phone calls, prayers all along the way, then skype video conferences, then spending a week together meeting each other's families. We are grateful to my married son who pestered me to try LDSsingles. We are so well matched and the compatibility comparison really helped us get started as well as the initial profile information. We asked each other very important questions immediately in order to cut through fluff and make sure both of us were serious about marriage in the temple, a mission together, AND buying a cabin in Alaska. It's all good, thanks to the Lord and

Our story...

This all started when a woman from my ward who met her husband on this site told my recently divorced sister to give the Internet a shot. I know we all choke a little on how pathetic and desperate we must be to even consider it until you try it. My sister made herself a profile and we would sift through all the men, and that's when I first saw Chris' profile. I told my sister to send him a message; an attractive cowboy that lived less than 30 minutes away, who wouldn't? She never did message him and shortly after she left home I made myself a profile just for fun. By then I'd forgotten about him completely until I stumbled on his profile once again. This time I sent him a message shortly after seeing his profile. After that initial contact, we texted and emailed for about a month before meeting in person. We've been happily dating for two months now and I couldn't think of anyone I'd rather spend my time with. I wish all you searching the best of luck and we will see if this relationship rings true.

Eliza & Chris

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