Success Stories: 2010
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My future husband and I met on this wonderful website! My profile was put on here unknowingly by my sneeky mother, but resulted into me finding someone to be my eternal spouse! We plan on getting married in May 2011 in the Nauvoo Temple! THANKS LDS SINGLES.COM!!!! I've met the love of my life who is someone that can be a worthy husband and future father!

I was browsing around when I found the most attractive woman I have ever seen! We chatted for quite a while and one thing led to another.
After many hours and days of dialogue, we decided to make the moves to be closer to each other. She is moving to my hometown!!! Yes, I am so excited! I can't believe how much we share in common and the butterflies that consume my body! She is everything I have ever wanted!

Teresa and I started messaging back and forth because she enjoyed reading my posts various Forums. I quickly found out that she was just as interested in finding out more about me as I was about her. We took our time messaging on LDSSingles, and then we texted on the phone, and eventually I found the courage to call. It all took off from there. It is September and the wedding is set for October 12th. We found the Compass report very helpful and was a good start to find how many interests we shared and how much we had in common. Good luck to all on LDSSO. Take your time, but do not waste your time. "maxthelm"

I met a wonderful man in two days of joining this site. We hit it off instantly and are inseparable. All our commonalities and dislikes were laid out on our profiles before meeting and it gave us a foundation for great discussions. I was previously married for 6 yrs and didn't think I could ever find a "true love"... Do they exist? They do and it is AMAZING. What takes months in traditional dating, you weed out instantly and get to the core of a person. I don't know where the road will end, but I am more than happy I took a leap on this site.

Neither of us were sure of this site to start with. We both were of course looking for the right person, so we challenged your site and being very hopeful jumped right in just days apart. (She in Utah, me in AL) Within days we have been talking and laughing and sharing stories, but of course praying. It feels right. We are meeting very soon. I trust in our Father in heaven and now have faith in this site. Thank you so very much.

Mel sent me a friendly email on Aug 22, 2010. I instant messaged him back when I saw he was online later. We IM'd for about an hour, then my son wanted to use the computer so I gave Mel my number. He called right away & we met in person a few days later. It's so wonderful that we live in the same city and can see each other practically every day - beats those long distance relationships for sure. He's a fabulous, smart, spiritual, very thoughtful, family man that fell into my life 'outta the blue' it seems. I've been divorced for 10 years & feel very blessed to have met someone who's made me want to discontinue the single dating scene.

~Mel & Jennifer~

My fiance saw my profile, noticed my love of Bob Market music, decided that she wanted to chat and shot me out a message. I shot her back my phone number and she called me the next day. We talked for several hours the first night and by our second conversation she had decided to book a flight to Hawaii, where I live. She being raised in Jamaica, she instantly was in love with Hawaii, I mean who doesn't love Hawaii? Funny thing is, I was on my way to move to LasVegas just before I met Charlene (my fiance) because I have 3 children living there with my ex-wife. I was planning to live closer to my kids, but as it turns out my kids had rather I stay in Hawaii so that they would be able to come back home to Hawaii to spend unconditional time with me during summer/winter breaks, so this made my choice to get serious with Charlene all the more easy. She is the girl of my dreams, an absolute god send. We fell in love instantly. She is from Pasadena, California, but she will soon be a resident of the Big Island of Hawaii. We are arranging for a Temple marriage, but first I will be getting my endowments in October and hope to be married by November. I owe it all to this site and I can't help but believe that Heavenly father may have played a big part in this union. I have been truly blessed in the past year and meeting the girl of my dreams on this site has been the icing on the cake. Thank you LDSSingles.



I took a chance and wrote to someone who didn't have their picture on their profile. They had looked at mine a few times, and I got intrigued. I wrote to them, and it was a wonderful match. Their sense of humor is lock step with mine. Their sense of how things work, again is in lock step with mine. I am very glad I didn't give up. I had stopped looking at profiles, and was just using this site for the forums and the chat room. Thanks for being here.

I met him here online, he is very nice guy. He sent a message to me and I answered. We knew it was the time, something was connecting us. I prayed & fasted for him and for me. We know Heavenly Father is guiding us. We're getting married in March of 2011. Thanks for making this happen.

Chik & Josephhyrum

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