Success Stories: 2010
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My soon-to-be wife and I both signed up on the same day (without knowing that we had done that). We both thought the online dating thing was crazy, but we soon realized that it allowed us to select someone ahead of time that we were compatible with. We messaged and IM'd for over 20 hours (over a few weeks) before our fist date. By the time our first date came around we were already falling in love. When we meet each other in person we just knew it was right. And now we are getting engaged and married. I'd recommend this site to anyone that wants to be open, blunt, honest, and find the love of their life. Dreams really do come true! Thanks!

P.S. Did I mention that she contacted me first and it was the first contact on the site for me. I messaged a lot of other people before we went on that first date, but just kept coming back to her. Simply amazing!

Our story? Hmmm, Her first words to me were 'Hello good Sir' it made me laugh and think she was talking to some sort of Knight. I still remember that letter most fondly to this day. Granted romance never came quickly between us, in fact most of our conversations for the first six months revolved around the other people we met and were dating, LOL. But there came a moment that we realized there was more than just friendship, and that we could say just 'I love you' freely. I am happy to say I am dating a girl who brings me joy and peace, and I'm glad I took the plunge with online dating even just once. It's a big world and this helped make it more manageable :)

I'm from Ogden, Utah and he is from Edmonton, Alberta. I am a single mother with 5 sons and he has 2 sons. I have never been treated so well! We began emailing... He found me... and then it turned into texting and phone calls. He recently began flying down here to get to know me and my children. He is the most genuine man; he truly cares about my family. I needed to find a man who will always rely on the Lord, puts him first, and forever knows my worth. He found me.

I joined LDSSingles looking for a friend. I wasn't interested in dating anyone, I just had wanted some friends that were guys. I live in a family ward where every guy is married so I didn't have many opportunities. I am a single mother of five children and have had a hard time getting out to meet new people. One night a guy named Mike emailed me. He told me I was beautiful and so were my kids. He said he was local and that he would help me anytime I needed anything. I didn't respond to him. I had heard that all before and was not looking for someone to feed me with stories. Later that night he started instant messaging me. He wanted my facebook name, but I told him I wouldn't give it out since I had pictures of my children on it. He then gave me his and his phone number and told me that I could text or call anytime. I looked at his FB and what I saw changed my mind really quick. It was him with his five children in almost every pic. He is a father that is so involved with his children and that made me want to get to know him further. So the next day I text'd him and we met later that day. We have been inseparable since. We are always together when he is not working. Our kids love each other and get along just like family...they fight like it too. We are planning on being married on the 11th of Feb. I have already given him his wedding ring and it looks perfect on him. We have taken our engagement pictures already and we have gotten my dress. We are so in love. I never wanted to date again and he was never wanting to get serious with a girl again, and before ya knew it, we are now looking at homes together and talking about what temple we want to be sealed in. I love this man with all of my heart. I am so thankful that I got on this site. Although I was just looking for a friend, I found my prince that I want to spend the rest of my existence with.

Joel and I met online through LDSSingles and have enjoyed every moment of it. Initially we lived 10 hours from each other, but I chose to relocate and be closer to him. We both have children from previous marriages and it's amazing the connection they have as well. We will be married in March 2011 in the Spokane Temple! This site is amazing and truly works if you pray, search and work diligently.

After many many years of dating unsuccessfully, me and my main man, Chuck, finally met on! We chatted it up for a few months until he finally got the courage to ask me out. He took me to Panda Express and we hardly touched our food because we were talking so much! It was an absolute blast and we clicked instantly!! We had so much in common we knew right away it was a solid match. It was so great to meet a guy with my same standards and common goals over the internet and not be sketched out over if it is safe or not. He is my everything and I couldn't have found a more perfect guy out there for me. Thanks LDSSingles!!! CTR :D

At first, Amanda was not interested in me, but we started talking and have been friends. I prayed until she was touched by the Holy Ghost telling her "to let herself be loved", so she came to Dominican Republic where I live last July. We were full of pure love from the first time we were together, so on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, walking in a park in my hometown, I gave flowers to Amanda and taking her hands in mine I asked her to marry me. We both were crying and holding each other as she said "yes". The other day, on Sunday after church, we gathered the family together to give them the news. Everyone was crying in that room. Amanda and I (Domingo) got married in San Juan de la Maguana, Dominican Republic the fourth of September, 4:P.M. 2010. Now we are the family Mesa and we have the goal to be sealed in a temple next year for time and eternity. She loves me and I love her and we are very happy to find each other.

His Story:
I use to be maybyyours on LDS singles, I met my wife on this website and we have been happily married for over a year. Thank you very much helping me find the woman of my dreams. I would have never found her with out this site because when we met we lived in different states. Luckily we were able to drive to visit once a month until we were able to be married. I love her with all my heart. Thank you!!


Her Story:
When i logged onto this website I really was not sure what I was getting into. I really wanted to meet someone, but I am not and have never been the kind of person to go to a club to find the person that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. Besides I was a single mother. A friend of mine recommended this website, she had told me that several other people had found their husband/wife. So I thought why not, I will give it a try. I met my now husband 1 month after being on this site. We talked for a bit and then decided to meet. He was so sweet and kind. I am so happy that I finally found someone that was perfect for me. Thank you so much.


tank75nc & chrstnmsclvr

James and Carol met on Apr 21, 2010
and married September 1, 2010.

This is our story:

We both had been on LDSSingles before and had come back to give it another go. We found people that we made connections with and talked to, but nothing serious. Then one day Carol came to my profile and looked around. I always checked to see who was looking at me and went to check her out. Wow, what an absolute angel. Now I was a bit nervous since she looked, but did nothing so I sent her a flirt to see what would happen. She flirted back so I sent an email and we began emailing. After a while of emailing through the site, we exchanged real world emails and then began emailing that way. An eternity later (read a few days) we had an instant message conversation that turned into a phone conversation that lasted several hours. And that was the way we were. When we talked it went by very quickly and the hours between conversations took forever. I went to visit Carol for the weekend and our first real date was going to the temple together. After that weekend we both knew there was something real here. I left definitely not wanting to go. As we began talking again on the telephone there was even more connection. Carol moved back to Utah where she is from and we spent the next 2 months talking to each other every night on skype. It was better because we could see each other. The long distance was tough, but it gave us a chance to really talk and get to know one another. We began reading scriptures together each night and it was awesome. We were able to schedule another trip and I went to Utah. It was on this trip, just outside of temple square, that I asked her to be my wife. Shortly after that trip we were married and we know that we are a blessing to each other from the Lord. As Elder Bednar said, "We are a "..tender mercy from the Lord..." and we feel so blessed to have found each other. As we have gone through this and as we look back on it we see that there have been a lot of things that have lined up to put us in the position we are and we recognize them and we are grateful for them. The Lord loves all of us and will bless you if you have faith and patience and prepare yourself to allow Him to work in your life.

Thanks so much for your website,

James and Carol
tank75nc and chrstnmsclvr

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