Success Stories: 2010
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I had been on LDSSingles for about a year and went on many dates. Some really strange and awkward, and some really great. I canceled my account because I didn't initially have much success in finding a companion. But then about a year later, I suddenly had a strong desire to sign back up. Not even two days later this guy sent me a flirt and then a little sweet message. I didn't think much of it, but then I read that he was trying to re-activate himself into the church. As someone who once struggled with the church myself, I felt a need to contact him in return. We chatted through this site for a week or so then exchanged phone numbers and planned to meet up. We met up on September 18th and haven't been separated since then! I absolutely adore him and am grateful everyday we both followed the promptings of the spirit and signed on with LDSSingles! Just be patient... Good luck!

I am a new LDS member, just baptized in November, although I have always been a spiritual person. I have felt for over a year that God was preparing me to relocate. Less than a month after joining the church, in early December, I was online searching for jobs in Seattle, Ireland, New Zealand, trying to figure out where God was trying to relocate me to, when it suddenly occurred to me that maybe He wasn't relocating me to a new job, but rather to the husband that I always felt He wanted me to have. So I did a search for LDS matchmaking sites. Out of the whole list that came up, I don't know why I picked this one... but I did.

Meanwhile, my Kevin created a profile under protest only because his bishop had told him to. When I saw how our matching profiles compared, I honestly got chills.

We were communicating online within 2 days of me signing up, and by that weekend we were talking on the phone every day for as many hours at a time as the battery in my cordless phone would last. Within the first week neither of us had any desire to communicate with anyone else on this site, we weren't looking anymore. It was clearly no coincidence that our Heavenly Father had directed us both to this same site with such timing.

By Christmas we both knew we had to meet, and he flew up to Alaska to meet me in January... bringing an engagement ring to propose with. In 2 days I will fly to Utah to reunite with him, and 2 days after that, we will be married!

This man is definitely my soul mate, and we both know that God directed us both to this site so that we could finally find each other. And I am completely amazed.


I met my fiance on LDSSingles, and we quickly got together, and the chemistry was great! She was able to weed out the undesirable choices, and found me, ready for a relationship. She is awesome, I am terrific, so naturally it is a perfect match! :) Thanks again to LDSSingles for your help, and I would recommend it to anyone...but be sure you get your act together first. Awesome people deserve their equals!

***Update as of 7/9/10***

We quickly fell in love despite the long distance apart (she was from the L.A. area, and me from Sacramento). We were engaged fairly soon after that, I proposed to here at the Oakland temple in early March, and we were married in South Lake Tahoe on Memorial Day, the 31st of May. We are planning to be sealed in the San Diego Temple next year, and we have your site to thank for bringing us together. Thanks!


I met the most wonderful lady here at LDSSingles. It has been a whirlwind romance since we met. Her children and mine get along great. I am a widow and she was divorced. We talk or see each other every night, we cant miss a day ever or something just feels wrong. We both are strong members of the church and are so excited for what the future holds in store for us. We started talking in December and have not stopped since. Thank you LDSSingles for changing our lives.

I signed up with absolutely no expectations. However, with a little persistence and a big boost from the hand of Providence, I met someone I can only describe as spectacular! Thank you, thank you,!

After meeting and 8 months of dating... WE ARE ENGAGED!!! IM SOOOOO HAPPY!!!

Online dating isn't as weird as it portrayed... its just a way to broaden your options and chances to meet the right someone!!

Ashley & Jason

I met a girl from Florida which was an instant attraction for the both of us. I live in UT, and without, I wouldn't have met the most wonderful girl on earth. Since we found each other on this site we have been talking every night on the phone, and I have a trip planned to fly out to Florida to meet my Eternal companion. This was a wonderful way for a shy guy like me to find a wonderful girl.

I had this dream to date a Japanese girl since I was learning Japanese and wanted to go to Japan with the Air Force, but I wasn't going to turn down another beautiful girl. I messaged a good amount of girls and the first one I received back was from the one Japanese girl I wrote. Very beautiful, very smart, and realistic. We talked for hours and hours on chat. I worked graves so we would talk all night. One night we talked for 8 hours straight. We decided we needed to meet. So I drove two hours to go out with her that Saturday. She was more beautiful in person. We had an amazing time. After talking for a couple more days online and on the phone, we decided we just wanted to date each other. Neither of us could stop thinking about the other. Now we are dating. She is just like me! One thing I can say is that the Compass Test is a very good tool, but we had a lot of things different on there and when we had the chance to explain our answers, we both realized we were more similar than either of us expected! Good Luck to everyone. Trust in the Lord!

Rebecca and I met shortly after I signed up. Our relationship developed very quickly and we feel as though we are perfect for each other. I am so glad I finally decided to come to I am looking forward to a great life ahead with the woman of my dreams!

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