Success Stories: 2010
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It all started with a Hi! When I first signed up I thought that I might find a few new friends and if that was all I got then the membership fee still would be worth it! If I found something more then that would be even better! I found out later that "elainekalina" had signed up because she had a lot of friends telling her that online dating was the way to go. She signed up to stop their nagging. She was sure she would prove them wrong!
After almost one year of her being on this website (and two weeks before her membership was to expire), we met on this site March 5th and met in person April 3rd. I thought that I had found the type of gal that I wanted from our conversations through IM and on the phone and then I knew the second we met under the Seattle space needle that I had found my eternal companion.

After a lot of schedule juggling, long bus and car rides and late night/early morning phone calls, we were married in the Vancouver temple December 28th.

sturmc & Jumong5

It was Wed 18 Aug, I was randomly surfing the net, and got an email from
LDS News and saw the LDS Singles link. Thought I would check out my profile
as I hadn't looked at it for a long time. Well as it turns out, I looked at
it, and filtered the choices right down to LDS sisters in Wellington/
Christchurch. Saw jumong5 and looked at Olivia's profile and was instantly
attracted to her. She just happened to be online at the same time, so I
popped into chat with her and simply said" Hi". Well it started from there,
we chatted for about 2hrs talking about ourselves. This started a daily
habit of talking to each other every night. I even got Olvia's cell phone
number and called her the first few nights to simply say " goodnight". As my
cell phone account has a "BESTMATE function, I saved Olivia as my best mate
which allowed me to talk to her on my cell phone unlimited time for only
$2.00 a month. This turned out to be a blessing for us as we started a
daily habit of talking on the phone for 2-3hrs a night.

We even fasted and prayed about us as a couple to see if we were meant to be
together. We both firmly believe that we were meant to be together for ALL

We first met each other on Sept 15 nearly 4 weeks after we started chatting
and I flew down to Christchurch to meet her. My stay was only 21hrs, from
time I arrived till I left, but " it was love at first site". When I first
saw Olivia at the airport, it was instantly in love at first sight. I had
never thought being in love straight away would ever ever happen to me, but
it did. We had a wonderful time together, just doing a lot of talking and
getting to know each other. I flew down to Christchurch again a month later
for a weekend on 15 Oct to get to know her even more. We still were talking
every day more then 3-4 times a day. I was even talking to her from my work
place, almost every chance I could get. As I am a Property Manager I am
out of the office most days, I could call Olivia anytime and we would talk
and talk and talk. Since she was finishing her studies at University of
Canterbury. As Olivia had completed her studies and passed all her exams, it
was coming to a time to return to Tonga after her Scholarship conclusion.
She decided to come up to Lower Hutt to meet my family in mid November for 3
weeks. It was the best three weeks for the both of us, as the highlight was
me proposing to her on the Tues 30 Nov during Family Home Evening. This was
in front of my daughter and mother on a lesson about" Count your blessings".

This is our short love story. There will still be many chapters and stories
to write.

Kenny and I met about 2 months ago on LDSSingles. We got to know each other for about a month, and after learning we both have a lot in common and talked almost everday, we decided to meet each other. We met at Temple Square to see the lights, and our relationship has grown strong in the last month. I am thankful, and happy for meeting him, and for logging on LDSSingles to find my sweetheart. I am also thankful to my Heavely Father for finding a way for us to meet each other. I will suggest this website to my friends. Thank you. :)

***Update as of 12/18/11***

We are both VERY grateful for We have been married now for 6 months... married in the SLC Temple. We just went again for our 1 year Anniversary from the day we met. While online we "clicked" with each other by quoting movies. Even now we still do that, and it brings us back to the time we met online. We are eternally GRATEFUL for this website and refer it to all our single friends.

Kenny & Jalene

My fiance decided to be a dating pioneer and created her LDS Singles profile on pioneer day. She said "hi" to me on her first day. I was new to the site as well. We chatted for months. The first time we met was at the reflecting pool in front of the Salt Lake temple. We did an endowment session together. On Christmas Eve she gave me a grape soda pin and asked me to be in her adventure club (like the Pixar movie "Up") on New Years Eve I gave her a ring box and inside was her own grade soda pin. I asked her to be my eternal adventure. She agreed to be in my club too. ;)

I moved back to Maine after my divorce in Washington state. I took a few months off from life to figure things out. My mom suggested your website, she knew several people who used it with success. So I thought what is there to loose. So I signed up and started messaging people. I didn't like getting the foreign outside America people, but the others I messaged were great. One in my geological area messaged back to meet doing dinner which I suggested. We met Dec 4th at a Christmas tree in a small town, it has been great. We have been to the temple doing all kinds of work together, I spent the holidays between my family and hers visiting. It is great meeting a local gal that is from about 40 mins north of were I currently live. She is great, we are doing the dating thing for several months and then will discuss further stuff, even though we have already talked about further stuff. It has happened so quickly and has been great. This year is going to be a great year, we have started doing some ring shopping or looking for later this year. We are both very active in the church and that was a must. We met through this website and neither of us thought that would happen, we just tried it out.


DecTurtles & averagesandiangan

I sent a flirt to Patrick (averagesandiangan) back in Sept. 2010. He sent me an email and I sent one back. I could tell right away he was different from other guys I had met on here. Our first time we met was in Oct. 2010 at Disneyland! (Can't beat that for a first date!) I had decided back in August to prepare to enter the temple and after we had met, Patrick helped me prepare by reading the scriptures with me each night. We became closer to each other through studying and drawing closer to our Heavenly Father. I was able to see his testimony through this special time each night.

Everyone teased us that we would elope when I went through the temple a few weeks ago, but we didn't! We knew our relationship was definitely headed in that direction though. I was thinking he would probably ask me to marry him sometime in February. I was very surprised when we were at my house new year's eve killing time until we had to leave to go to a party when he just asked me "Will you marry me?" I looked at him and said "Are you proposing?" He shook his head yes, so I said "Yes I will marry you!" I am now in the mist of planning my dream wedding with my best friend who I will be with forever!

I met Mel on here 2 weeks ago because I sent him a message complimenting him on his took off like wildfire from there and he is the perfect match for me. We fit each other perfectly and spend countless hours on skype, texting and talking. I know he is the one for me!!!

We met on and we have been dating for about eight months. We will be getting married in a few months. He is one of the best things that has happened to me. I wasn't thinking I would actually meet someone online and now we will be getting married. He is amazing!

We met in Aug of 2010, and became friends. He claims its all my fault, but its was him. He showed me that he really was the person he described in his profile and so much more. He stuck by me through a really tough trial and I supported him through his. We really couldn't be happier!

Renee and Matthew

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